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Wake up people!
Who is this Bush administration really serving? What have they done for you lately?

January 20, 2005

The American response to diminishing fossil fuel, declining air quality and traffic congestion? Build and buy bigger SUV's and Humvee's and invade Afghanistan and Iraq. Now they plan and scheme to invade Iran even before poor Iraq is put back together again by American firms generously handed hundreds of contracts by this administration in a winner takes all in your face gesture to deride any nation which dissented over the invasion. Gone are the days of world community. The UN is made a laughing stock. Now it is back to "the law of the jungle" and "might equals right."

The net result of renewing the arms race has been to make the world a more dangerous place. Bush ended the long standing Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Treaty and is installing a new generation of long range missiles in Alaska. Gone is the era of nuclear disarmament. "Global economy" and "spreading democracy" are euphamisms for economic imperialism or American mercantilism. The "War on Terrorism" is a euphamism for a war on dissidents.

Bush wages his wars without consulting the State Department, the CIA or the Pentagon. He has filled his private councils with hawkish Zionist advisors from the American Enterprise Institute. In his second term he is canning anyone who disagreed with him in his first term thus consolidating his sycophants around himself.

The Bush administration is laying seige to the environment and is selling off public lands. It is once more trying to ram drilling for oil in the Alaska wilderness through Congress without debate. Bush is trying to privatize the Social Security system. Nothing in his policies is intended to help middle America and the working class. He has cleverly used the fear factor of 911 to force his agendas.

Congress has been a rubber stamp giving Bush unusual authority under the War Powers Act eventhough a "War on Terrorism" is not really a war but an artifice existing only in the abstract and could go on forever with enemies imagined or real everywhere and nowhere and he is bankrupting our children's generation to pay for his follies.

Osama bin Laden is still on the Bush payroll; witness how Osama emerged from hiding after all this time just prior to the presidential election to advise Americans to vote for Kerry. This was a perfect way to use the fear factor to get the swing voters to vote for Bush because "By God, he is not afraid to bomb our enemies."

Who has benefitted from 911? The military-industrial complex and the intelligence community! Their Iraq war against imaginary WMDs has created the largest national deficit in US history. Meanwhile our public schools lay off staff and go wanting for materials at best and at worst they close down. The Patriot Act has assaulted our civil liberties. We are living in another McCarthy Era.

What does Bush think he has? A mandate? Nearly half the popular vote was against him. The Republican Party is the rich man's party. Anyone who is not wealthy who votes Republican is either a masochist or a hopeless dreamer who believes that somehow by association with the Republican Party they too will become rich..."Voodoo Economics, The Trickle Down Theory..."

Wake up people! Who is this administration really serving? What have they done for you lately? All they have done for you is make air travel into a major pain in the ... but not any safer...

Where is the national debate, where is the dialogue in Congress, it is time to argue...

And while we are about that, it is time to question the Keynesian Economic theory of Grow and Grow which has been driving this global economization for the past 40 years... has putting multi national corporations in charge of the world and in charge of your life really improved the quality of your life? I think not. Where is the end of a philosophy which preaches that if an economy is not growing it is failing?

Every day I look at world more and more crowded and competitive, and with depleting resources. I see technology being used to replace human jobs as cashiers in retail stores and airline passenger checkers and telephone receptionists. What is to become of all the people whose jobs have been lost to technology so that a capitalist can cut his costs?

Look how the flight of capital has destroyed entire sectors of our economy like farming and manufacturing so that capitalists can take advantage of cheaper labor in China. In 30 years when all the workers of the world are demanding the same pay and a clean environment what will the capitalists do then?

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