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Fighting words
I am thankful that I have online dialogue and not a real face to face confrontation with such angry individuals


May 25, 2006

"... we shall unite the region against separation,... crazy world splitting us into small pieces, ... people like you must and will stand trial for treason... idiotic separating mentality, Why??... you want to write the history on your way ... you are working for... terrorist regime, ... you are not a separate nation. Just because colonialists want it that way... So last thing these separatists know is history... Hallucination, is that what it called??... Think before opening that big fat mouth... Don't feed strangers of British colonialism, American Imperialism and French Fascists, Got it??... As long as we are alive, we will fight traitors... will not surrender one inch of the HOLY soil of... you take your hands off..., you imposter even don't know the history ... Treason??? Separatism shall never be tolerated (Period)... You and your friends shall be held responsible for your acts in the future courts ... Sorry in the future anybody spoken of separation I will shut his/her mouth no tolerance whatsoever... a good respond to you and separatist dogs like you... I would dare you to try such a thing".

In response to my expressed hopes for the people of my origin I recently received comments such as those above, certain political arguments are so universal that I find it unnecessary to mention who the people of my origin and their opponents are. What I express is only my personal opinion; I am neither a politician nor an ignorant technocrat. Unfortunately in order to advocate the rights of people of my origin, it is impossible to ignore political views. I try to share my views openly while keeping in mind a motto of our ancestors, "good words, thoughts, and deeds".

Not every opponent is angry. I received some gentle comments from historians, who emphasize on unity based on past glories. Although history is written by those in power, it is fine and can be a learning guide to avoid violence, but it is unlikely that it can solve current political issues. Of course I also received supportive opinions such as:

"I read your article on the Internet and agree with your views completely. We need more people like you to speak up, people who are fair and have a balanced view of things. I hope you continue to write."

While I appreciate those who are supportive, I hope those who oppose at least choose a better style of communication to make their points in promoting democracy and unity. Trying to be as unbiased as possible, I admire many thinkers and intellectuals of our opponents who promote their culture and language and contribute to humanity. It is likely that they would not have been able to make such a contribution without the opportunity to educate themselves in their own language in the first place. I wish the people of my origin also had the same opportunity to make similar contributions to a diverse yet unified humanity.

Unity, as the best option for people who have common interests and needs without violating each other's rights, is a noble idea. I remember over two decades ago, I left a country which was advocating unity without its noble component, equal rights for individuals with a different view or people with a different language or belief. Through migration I ended up in a part of the world where the most sacred legal priorities were equal opportunity and free expression. It is incomprehensible that even in the free world some unfortunate migrants use derogatory words to make their point.

I am thankful that I have online dialogue and not a real face to face confrontation with such angry individuals. I wish the political leaders who were assassinated during peaceful talks with representatives of such people had at least some online chats with them to know how they think! Some openly threaten: once you return, we know what to do with you. It is unlikely that they know why free minded people leave abusive countries in the first place, or that they are not interested to go or return to any country until equality and free expression is guaranteed by the law there!

Some angry commentators threaten with retaliation and call free thinkers traitors. It is unlikely that they know that real traitors are those who leave their abusive home country to enjoy the comfort of a democratic host country yet remain critical of the latter to defend the former. I am wondering how safe it is, for one who does not share the threats of angry individuals with the authorities; the authorities in democratic world at least provide security for all and not a preferred group. Free thinkers choose a home where they can feel at home, and the free world is their home regardless of borders! I am wondering if events such as 911 or assassinations of migrant intellectuals in European cities would have happened, if people would have notified suspicious, angry, and threatening individuals to the authorities of the free world.

Despite enjoying the comfort of the free world, some unfortunate fanatic migrants still are of the same mind as their leaders who want to wipe out any opponents from the face of earth. They might not recognize that it is the duty of appreciative free minded migrants to protect a host country that welcomes them against the defenders of a country that has taken everything from them including their identity and the lives of their loved ones for thinking differently. It is likely that most of these unfortunate fanatics who express themselves so angrily are the victims of a bigger cultural misfortune and need guidance and redirection. Despite opposing views, I personally wish them a successful recovery so they can learn the basic elements of democracy and free speech. I hope they don't push the free world to treat them the way they treat all of their opponents including people of my origin.

In this historical stage, let's hope that the partially liberated faction of the people of my origin create an independent and friendly mediating country in the troubled region of many angry rivals. If they succeed, then there should be no fear to have other free and independent countries in the region. Once free, they could ultimately make more reliable partners in creating greater democratic, voluntary, and stable unions in the future.

Dr. Kamal H Artin is a member of Kurdish American Education Society (, and the Kurdish National Congress; however, his views do not necessarily reflect the views of all members.

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