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Union of independent states
Iraq's partition would expedite the creation of a democratic union based on free will in the future


Ocotber 25, 2006

Every evidence hints toward spread of freedom in the Middle East, despite the efforts of dark forces to turn the clock back! Although dividing Iraq would be advantageous for all, the US administration remains resistant to accept this inevitable starting point of reform in the Middle East and calls partition a "nonstarter".

Maybe the current Republican administration is exhausted with making any further drastic changes and is waiting for a Democrat to deal with their angry friends from the past! I believe partition is a reasonable and progressive solution at this stage; it is just a matter of time, and the sooner the better.

As opposed to current unstable union based on force, partition would expedite the creation of a democratic union based on free will in the future. Iraqi Shiites would soon unite with their Iranian supporters and have a bigger share of power that is dominated by Sunnis now. Iraqi Sunnis would grow and learn to survive without oil and be the first Sunni Arab nation not ruled by a dictator; they would join Syrian people and bring them a taste of democracy later.

Turkey will be less threatened by the spread of fundamentalism, by having a buffering secular state in its Southeastern border. The people in the region would learn that freedom to choose is a better way toward development, prosperity, and stability and not the size of a country or a dominating sect or ethnic group.

After the partition, coalition forces will be able to move their innocent soldiers to the welcoming Kurdish region and disturbed ones to rehabilitation centers. Israel will be pleased to have at least a non-threatening Kurdish state in the neighborhood. US could prove the claim that their main purpose was promoting human right by liberating at least one part of Kurdistan.

Kurds of all countries would have the chance to send their sons and daughter to the liberated part of Kurdistan, so they become educated in their native language and ready to liberate other part of their homeland. Spread of freedom would lead to trust, investment, development, equality, and voluntary union at least for economic reasons as it is the case in Europe now.

Although it will be a win-win solution for all, the Kurds might be the main winner of the partition of Iraq. If it was any other ethnic group, they would have declared independence by now. Unfortunately decades of indoctrination that they are not ready to govern themselves and they are better off to serve other states, has taken away the confidence of many Kurdish leaders.

They also seem to worry too much for the destiny of their masters and feel guilty to leave them alone. They seem to be very caring and might tell themselves "my goodness what will happen to our Arab, Turkish, Persian, European, and American friends, if we declare independence; they might starve without us".

I would like to reassure our Kurdish leaders who dream of a Nobel Peace Prize, that their friends will do just fine, if Kurds leave them alone and declare independence. Those friends are fortunate enough to have everything they need including oil, many factories, roads, banks, hospitals, and commercial, educational, and cultural centers that are still lacking in Kurdistan.

Despite lacking those infrastructures, Kurdistan is still wealthier and more able to sustain itself compare to many members of the United Nations. Like the US, other members of the UN will continue to see the Kurdish legitimate right as a "nonstarter" unless the Kurds become a "starter" and declare independence! Please move on, free people are with you! Comment

Dr. Kamal H Artin is a member of Kurdish American Education Society (, and the Kurdish National Congress; however, his views do not necessarily reflect the views of all members. Dr. Artin maintains the website:

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