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Sweet surrender

By Guive Mirfendereski with Shahrzad Irani
December 9, 1999
The Iranian

In the beloved's sea, fear not the waves,
No matter, if your vessel strays,
Toss, it may, side to side, to and fro,
In search of beloved's pearl you must go,
Today in the quite, the next in the noise,
One day in distress, another with poise
But the sea sees that you fear her,
Not believing to have a single prayer
The beloved's pearl remember:
"Fear not, thy heart surrender"

In the market place, you seek to transact,
Know you much about haggle, about tact?
You search for his stall, dreaming rewards,
Seeking purchase and sales in stars,
Thinking of wit, sincerity, and affection,
Will be the currency, buying satisfaction,
Yester, searched you for the beloved's stand,
With a purse full of gold pieces in hand,
Morrow, with pockets empty of riches,
With your heart in so many stitches,
You will seek again his stall,
Hoping and yearning for his call
But this market place sees you blunder
Not believing to have a single prayer
Remember your sweet trader:
"Seek my stall and taste surrender"

You have crossed many green valleys,
You have known many mirages,
Thirst, your destination more than once,
As you live, die, and live in stages,
Like the string of camels in a caravan,
Stretching across the desert sand,
Oh, can his journey end with a single prayer,
"Guide me to surrender?"

The denizen of a majestic castle one day,
Under a bridge or a palm tree, you stay,
Beloved home, your home, all under one roof,
Sky above should be all the proof,
But it sees that you fear the rains
Your torn shirt, and blood stains,
Not believing to have a single prayer
The beloved's promise you remember:
"Fear not, I am your shelter"

Tears water beloved's green,
Wishes perfume the air serene,
Morrow is your wedding day,
In exchange for his vows, say,
In union, with a prayer, now dear,
"I surrender"

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