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Getting away from it all

Photos by Rasool Nafisi
July 26, 1999
The Iranian

Rasool Nafisi, dean of the department of general studies at Strayer University in the Washington DC area, went to Iran last month to interview "religious intellectuals" for his book on the re-secularization of Iran. (See Nafisi's article on the student uprising).

Midway, he decided to take a short trip to Taleqan, which is about an hour-and-a-half's drive from Tehran. He took these photographs with a Nikon N70 , a Nikon 28-120 lens and Kodad ASA 200 film.

People seemed to like to be photographed, and on one occasion, a man a shovel told him he is a retired teacher. He did not want to be mistaken for an ordinary peasant.

Nafisi was unprepared for the weather. Taleqan was chilly even in the supposedly hot summer season. When he returned to Tehran he caught a terrible cold. But it was still worth getting away from Tehran ... go to first photo

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