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    Jen Nameh
    A novel by Hooshang Golshiri

    May 12, 1999
    The Iranian

    If you could count five of Iran's very best contemporary novelists, Hooshang Golshiri would be one of them. But his fame comes at a cost. It means the censors review his works more carefully.

    This time Golshiri has skipped the whole official pre-publication review process and chosen to print his novel abroad. "Jen Nameh" (Book of Jinns) has been published by Baran Publishers in Sweden (Tel: 46-8-471-9271).

    "Jen Nameh" was published in 1998, a year when several Iranian writers were murdered for their critical and/or secular views. Golshiri, an active proponent of the writers guild, was also among an alleged hit-list. At the peak of the murders, his friends were staying at his home to offer protection. Later the Intelligence Ministry arrested some of its former agents and charged them with the murders. (See the wirters news section)

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