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Talking pictures
In the tradition of "faal gereftan"

By Yasmine Rafii
May 25, 1999
The Iranian

Last year, I started writing short narratives for my own amusement. The Iranian has featured a couple of them and since my other love is images, it seemed natural to combine the two.

The six pages you see here are the first in a series of what is to become an illuminated manuscript. I love the tradition of "faal gereftan", and kept that in the back of my mind as I was working

Although the concept and format are traditional, my rendering is contemporary and more abstract. These are moments, glimpses into an internal landscape. Suspend your judgment and enter the pictures. Read the words out loud. You may recognize some of them. You may have had similar moments.

Winter has come unannounced, but I am a receptive witness...

The Friend
Sometimes friends will surprise you...

Of course sitting is one of the things she does well...

Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown has an agenda. Mr. Brown always has an agenda...

The Futurist
Somewhere inside he knew things were changing...

The Climb
Somewhere near the top he pauses to take a breath and let the significance of his effort settle in ...

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