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Moving along
Youth ignore political upheavals

Photos by C.S.
October 25, 1999
The Iranian

After an absence of many, many years, I returned to Iran last month, taking advantage of the three-month temporary exemption from military service. Thanks to the stories I had heard, I expected to be hassled at the airport especially because of my U.S. passport which I carried along with me, but no one cared.

I was in Iran for about three weeks. Initially, I just strolled around and took photos of whatever. Later, I started to concentrate on photographing people, especially kids, and ordinary everyday things. This was because I began to realize that Iranians living abroad forget that most of the people in Iran are quite young, and that daily life continues there despite the stream of news about the latest political upheaval which tends to eclipse everything and warp our perceptions. There actually was no sense of impending crises. In short: the people and the country are moving along, despite all the problems ... GO TO FIRST PHOTO

* Thanks to Payman Arabshahi for finding C.S.'s photos on the net.

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