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The colors of Ecuador

October 22, 1999
The Iranian

Bahieh Amelia Khamsi, who has just recently entered a university in Switzerland, spent a year in Ecuador working as a volunteer teaching at an elementary school. During her stay, she traveled extensively and took pictures of the people and landscape.

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Khamsi went to Ecuador after completion of her high school education for a year of service in 1998-99. She taught arts, English and moral education classes at an elementary school in Otavalo, Ecuador.

Her love for Ecuador and its people attracted her to the remote areas of that country to its exciting markets, peaceful surroundings and colorful scenes. She carried her camera and captured many faces and colors.

She attributes the development of her artistic and creative talent and sensibility to her exposure at a young age to a variety of art forms from different cultures.

Her photographs were exhibited at the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington DC this month, organized by Mona Khademi of International Arts Management.

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