Flower delivery in Iran


Flower delivery in Iran

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Everything is possible
Spring 2002 fashion designs

October 19, 2001
The Iranian

Designer Pierre Garroudi's belief in pushing the limits is reflected in his designs. Drawing inspiration from such disparate sources as architecture, raw street life, sexuality, and art in all its forms, he has the uncanny ability to create new rather than rehashing the old.

Many of his styles are built around components, much like furniture. Pierre's clothes are surprisingly accessible and wearable, yet the line is full of never-been-done designs that reflect his belief that everything is possible. And his fashion shows are at once erotic, witty, and provocative.

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1959, he continued his education in Paris before finally moving to New York in 1986. After studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology here, he worked in different retail and design houses until he opened his own house in 1993. -- pierregarroudi.com

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Flower delivery in Iran

By Pierre Garroudi

Garroudi's home page


Where my heart is
I have what it takes to be a fashion designer
By Farahnaz Zolfaghari


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Flower delivery in Iran
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