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Montreal never sleeps
Photo essay

Photos by Arman Molki
Wriiten by Sepideh Mahani
July 10, 2002
The Iranian

If you haven't already heard, Montreal is a marvelous city. It is a city where creativity meets simplicity, a place built for the love of art. Being the second-largest French-speaking city in the world, located in the province of Quebec, Montreal borders itself from other parts of Canada, through the uniqueness of its European culture.

The French written street signs, the busy patios of French cafes, the stunning sound of Jazz on the streets, the pushcarts filled with flowers, the homeless beggars, and the 18th century architecture is what makes Montreal a unique spot on earth, and what so many like to call, a portray of Paris.

The city hosted the 23rd Edition of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal (June 27-July 7) which was a celebration of music, and recognition of divergence and resemblance among Jazz lovers. It was truly accessible and was offered to everyone. With hundreds of free concerts it attracted of thousands of people to the streets of downtown Montreal.

The victory of the Brazilian soccer team for the World Cup 2002 made the forth day of the Jazz festival even more festive since the fans celebrated on the streets of Montreal with the music playing on the background.

Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica, a church dated back to 1642 is well known for the beauty of it exterior and interior design. The lavishing stained-glass windows located in the main floor of the church give a picture of the scenes from Montreal's social and religious history. Old Montreal and the Bonescourse Market are located in the heart of downtown Montreal. T

he streets of Bonescourse Market are filled with horse-drawn carriages, restaurants, and many art shops portraying the works of hundreds of phenomenal artists. Montreal's great restaurants varying from French to International cuisine will suite every appetite. It is not an understatement to say that Montreal never sleeps, and its nightlife is legendary since many clubs, restaurants and bars are open all night long.

So whether you like to relax, be adventurous or looking for a fun time, Montreal is definitely the place to be.

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