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On stage
Photo essay: Plays in Tehran

By Massoud Pakdel
May 6, 2002
The Iranian

Massoud Pakdel is a photographer for Tehran municipality's Parke Shahr Theater.

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Mohammad Jozi in Samuel Beckett's "Dar entezaar-e Godo" (Waiting for Godot) directed by Vahid Rahbani

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-- "Dar entezaar-e Godo"
-- "Shaame aakhar"
-- "Siavash be ravaayat-e man"
-- "Kargadan"
-- "Baaraan agar bekhaahad"
-- "Niloufar-e aabi"
-- "Richard sevom"
-- "Sansatreh"
-- "Divaan-e Teatraal"
-- "Ghahveyeh Qajari"
-- "Maryaaye binaam"
-- "Zendegiye dogaaneh"

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