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University students hold a noose, a picture of Hashem Aghajari and a placard which reads 'will not be executed' during a demonstration at Tehran University, November 12, 2002. REUTERS/Morteza Nikoubazl

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* Reformer criticizes death sentence -- BBC

* Political crisis deepens in Iran -- Financial Times

* Students in Iran defy call to end death term protest -- The Independent

* Protests Grow in Iran Over Death Sentence for Professor -- The New York Times

* Protests grow for Iranian professor --  Washington Post

Truth or dare
Photo essay: student protests

November 13, 2002
The Iranian

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One of us
It is our duty to defend Aghajari's human rights
Mani Farhoomani

18 Tir
Photo essay: student protests
By Peyman Hooshmandzadeh

The spark
... that ignited nation-wide student protests

For the record
Photo essay: 18 Tir
By Hamid Davodabadi

Kooye Daneshgah
Photo essay: Student uprising, 1999

Photo essay: Student uprising
By Ali Khaligh

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Book of the day

The Mossadegh Era
The roots of the Iranian Revolution
By Sepehr Zabih

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