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Peykan party
Nostalgic party posters in Los Angeles

By Amirali Parstabar
August 14, 2003
The Iranian

Most Persian events and clubs in the Los Angeles area in the past seemed a bit pretentious. They have almost always tried to pass as Euro or -- to be hip, unsuccessfully.

Peykan (or Paykan) events are totally based on the premise of Persian identity, nostalgia, and it even celebrates our flaws. I think this combination is a good recipe for some fun events with a streak of goofiness.

Peykan events are far apart so that they each become a production unique and hopefully different than the previous one. Currently the parties are held at the landmark Hollywood Athletic Club and 650 people attended the May 3rd party. The next one is this Saturday, August 16th.

Hopefully Peykan will become more elaborate and entertaining as it grows.

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By Amirali Parstabar


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