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Murder in Victoria Park

By Naz Rakhshandeh
June 19, 2003
The Iranian

Women's bodies and lips
voluptuous and
ready to Kiss
look at him
the ones with
melting eyes
on the billboards
he looks at them and spits
then strides along

Green lane of winter's grey
she wakes up
closes her eyelids
to collect her dreams
she stretches her body
and thinks blue opaque
gets up
takes for the park

It's the 3rd Feb.
8:35 a.m.
Victoria Park
A steely body has already entered the park

She jogs
Light on the light of the day
Margaret Muller is greeting the day

The man hides his knife under the
Mind blowing

Her beautiful body runs into
another with a sharp knife
At eight twenty five
death is drawn on her body

In Victoria park

We are wasted
Reckless passer bys pass by
The face of reality
Has a hole
deeper than pain
fraught with need
Many have entered the park

One is dead

Another is
a body with no nucleus
constantly rotating
A closed circuit
his days opaque
never had he any tune
on his lips
his days, uninhabited
Despite the kiss-me
Lips of sexy billboards

The corpse of a young American artist,
is found in a pool of blood by the police.
men are drinking together
spending hours saying
absolutely nothing
ranting on and on
he joins in
he has hidden his knife
under a heavy moustache
they are talking
he says everything but the truth.

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