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You whisper in my ear
(pedar sag)

June 19, 2003
The Iranian

This poem was written by my friend's 14-year-old daughter. She and her daughter are very close, but mom could not help having secret thoughts (in red)! Very funny. -- Yassaman J.

You whisper in my ear, telling me you love me (pedar sag) (bastard)
You breath on my neck so gently (ghalat kard) (how dare he?!)
You take my hand and you kiss me (goh khord) (holy crap!)
Why all the loving? ( comment)
Do you really want me? (beh khodaa meekoshamesh) (i swear i'll kill him!)
Or is this just a silly thing? (aareh maamaa joon) (yes it is sweetheart)
Should you really be caring for me?
We dance together, like we are on clouds, (kojaa?? kay??) (when?? where??)
So close to me, that I can not frown,
You kiss me goodnight, and hug me tight, (nafffass kesh!!) (gonna kick his ass!)
When I ask you: Do you really want me?
You whisper in my ear that you love me...

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