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Compelling circumstances

By Behroo Bagheri
November 11, 2003
The Iranian

The emphasis in my work is to generate a social narrative, which deals with my repressed feelings and frustrations as a woman who has undergone compelling circumstances in the contemporary Middle East. I have developed a style of painting, based on my studies on children's paintings aged from 2 to 8. I enjoy building a contrast between the disturbing content of the painting and the innocent abstract images.

I visually describe and criticize the seductions of the cleric establishments of the region, who have ultimate power, and have mismanaged the countries into a state of senseless poverty. My works are mostly the voice of those in my generation who have been overruled by the Islamic Regime, a generation of people who have suffered from the oppressive atmosphere of the Fundamentalist society with its restrictive policies and discriminations.

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By Behroo Bagheri


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