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Market forces
Photo essay: Bazaars & Nudes

By Fari Bahi
February 13, 2004

Fari Bahi was born in Tehran on December 7th, 1967. He began to take black and white pictures with an old camera at the age of eight. He started photography more seriously from the age of fifteen. After taking landscapes, he turned to portrait and later to photojournalism. He studied artistic photography at Ecole Supérieur des beaux Arts St. Luc de Liège (Belgium) >>> See nudes

Among his art work are his trips around Europe, India, Pakistan and Iran. He is working on his last work done with a group founded by himself. They have followed the trip of Pierre Loti, a famous French writer who traveled through Iran in 1900. These photographs will be soon published in a book and on the Internet as well as exhibitions.

The bazaar images have already been published by the Iranian Photographers Center (Khaneyeh Akkasaneh Iran) in a book titled "Towards Esfahan" >>> See

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