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WARNING: Contains nudity

A Foreign Poem
Short film

By Hossein Fazeli
February 9, 2003

"Naanaam" hastam az orupaa. Hope you're fine and in good
health. I've made a short, poetic film on femininity.

>>> Watch "A Foreign Poem" (2 minutes)
WARNING: Contains nudity

A Foreign Poem was shot in the summer of 2003. I shot
it on Super 8 to create a dream-like atmospher. To
intensify that quality I later projected the film on a
wall and shot it again on video. The film uses the
voice of Sahra Karimi, the first Afghan actress in the
world with the credit of appearing in award-winning
films (such as "Daughters of the Sun"- Iran, 2000). The
film was produced with only $150.

I studied film production in Canada
in the 90s. I Worked in Hollywood North for
sometime, but before I threw my guts up I left for
Montreal and started to work on independent
productions. A Foreign Poem is the first film in a
series of no-budgt short films I'm planning to shoot.
All are poetic/symbolic.

>>> Watch "A Foreign Poem" (2 minutes)
WARNING: Contains nudity

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By Hossein Fazeli, aka Naanaam


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