Sara Ansari
February 2, 2005

When I held your hand
You didn't hold it back,
I found completion with you
But you always saw a lack.

I wanted to hold you
But you didn't want to be close,
Yet you would want to lie on top
Your way of loving me, I suppose.

Whether I was with you or not
My presence didn't matter to you,
Instead of telling me you loved me
You only said "me too."

I bought a ticket for a plane
Cause I could no longer hold my tear,
I needed to break away from you
But weakness became my greatest fear.

I tried to find answers in songs
And increased my serotonin intake,
Inspiration came from never before seen places
I knew I was about to face my big break.

Strength from within took control
I was ready for the tables to turn,
Between us there is still a flame
But no longer does it burn.

Neither of us should take the blame
The question isn't why or who,
It's regarding a difficult realization
It's about purging myself from you.

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