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Had to be a follower

Behrang Samadzadegan
June 13, 2005

Had to be a follower
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Behrang Samadzadegan
Date and place of birth: 1979, Tehran
BA painting, Tehran Art University
MA painting, Tehran Tarbiat Modares University

Solo exhibitions:
Painting exhibition, Atbin gallery, Tehran 2002
Painting exhibition, Elahe gallery, Tehran June2005

Group Exhibitions
Painting exhibition, Homayouni gallery, Tehran 1999
Painting exhibition with Fereydoun Mambeigi and Shahriar Ahmadi,
Fereshte gallery, Tehran 2000
Drawing exhibition, Atashzad gallery, Tehran 2001
Painting exhibition, Haftsamar gallery, Tehran 2001
Drawing exhibition, Atbin gallery, Tehran 2001
Exhibition in aid of Avaj earthquake survivors, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran 2003
Painting exhibition, Laleh gallery, Tehran 2003
Painting exhibition, Aria gallery, Tehran 2003
Exhibition in aid of Bam earthquake survivors,
Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran 2004
Exhibition "A consumption of justice" by Beral Madra with participation of
13 artists from 11 countries of Middle East and Balkans, Diyarbakir Art center,
Turkey MAy2005

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