Between me and you


Sara Ansari
March 27, 2005

We met for the first time at a birthday
And we ended up dancing salsa all night,
You looked in my eyes and knew what to say
Being with you just felt so right.

People like you are rare to meet
I love the way you hold me so tight,
It’s amazing to feel your heart beat
I love being by your side.

I love the way you hold the umbrella in the rain
And how you never let go of my hand,
You will protect me from fear and pain
I know you’ll catch me wherever I’ll land.

We have a very unique friendship us two
You tell me the news and I show you the night sky,
I love your accents and your German talks too
Being with you just makes me feel high.

I love the way you are yourself around me
Which makes me realize the special bond we have,
Your happiness is all I wish to see
You make my day when I hear you laugh.

Your personality and heart are so unique
You treat me in a way no one else would do,
Because of you I now know what I seek,
Something truly special is between me and you.

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Sara Ansari


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