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Omead's hope
Photo essay: Anti-war exhibit in San Francisco

Keyvan Fotoohi
March 31, 2005

My wife Elham and I were in San Francisco last weekend. In front of City Hall there was an interesting exhibition of boots representing 1,525 American soldiers who died in the Iraq war up to that point. The exhibition was organized by the anti-war group "Eyes Wide Open". Among the speakers, there was an Iranian-American woman, Nooshin Razani, the sister of 19-year-old Omead Razani, the first Iranian-American soldier who died in Iraq war (August 27, 2004). Nooshin gave a very brave speech in which she opposed war and the destruction it brings to civilians as well as soldiers and their families. She passionately argued that peace is the only solution in the region. She stirred a lot of emotion in the audience. I have included photos of Nooshin's talk and Omead's boot.

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