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Afshin Naghouni
November 15, 2005

Afshin Naghouni, known as Ash , was born on 25th August 1969 in Tehran. Shortly after his birth the whole family moved to Ahvaz, a city near the Iraqi boarder. From an very early age he showed an interest and love for drawing and painting , at the age of six his talent for painting was the talk of teachers in primary school.

In 1981 the war between Iran and Iraq forced his family to leave Ahvaz for the more central city of Isfahan, where he attended painting classes by Mr. Nasr Isfahani. Ash, now twelve-years old, cherished every minute of working among grown up and professional artists. He did not stay at the painting class for long, leaving Isfahan again for Ahvaz.

In 1982 he took part in a national scholastic competition and won first prize for painting and second for calligraphy. In 1997 , his first solo exhibition at Afrand gallery in Tehran was well received and sold out. In the same year Ash emigrated to England where he currently lives and works.

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