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Last night I was with Hafez



Hedieh Sajadi
July 22, 2006

Last night
I was with Hafez
all night
just Me
just Hafez
just love

playing with the strings of my heart
my body all blossoming
like spring
in the garden of Eram

my room filled with the scent of Shiraz
the roses
and the Divan

candle of ghazals was burning
and I fearlessly
melt myself to the core of nonexistence
just like a moth
in the erotic fire of rhymes

dancing wild
all drunk

oh... how passionately
to me
he made love
all night long

and I
how so helplessly died in his arms

last night
I reached God
begging him not to stop me now

help me preserve this night
the taste of his kiss
can't just go away from my mind

oh... God
don't end this night
don't bring me the awakening dawn
let me die
in the dreams of having him by my side

last night
at the tavern
there was no one
no one
just me
just Hafez
just love
just love

and how so sadly
this morning
I woke up
to this dream
and the memory
of a night in love.

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