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Azizam, Azat Motenaferam

Nazanin Canadai
August 6, 2007

You arrogant prick!
Thinking of you makes me god damn sick.
How could I, the strong one, be so easily deceived?

You crawled in, little by little, inch by inch...
I was unable to resist your mind!

Where are you now, when I need to be with you?
How could you cut me off so easily after all we said we would do?
Does it not hurt you, not even a tiny bit?
Am I so desperate?

Still, I secretly want you deep in the night...
It doesn't matter who I'm with or even that I have become a mother,
The darker it gets the lonelier I feel without you.
I still feel there was more to say, I still think there was more to feel.
What happened to surrendering?
It really hurts me, even at this stage of the game.
I never told you but, I would've given my principles away for you.

You left me feeling so mother fucking blue,
Because I know no one, not even you, will let me be with you.

Why will this old wound not heal?
I am afraid,
What if it never heals

So what is the solution?
I know, I know...It was an illusion.
I should stop being so weak and emotional.
I have my family and friends.
I can work on my career, finish my MBA.
There is always cooking or a new hobby,
Perhaps a vacation!

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