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Touched by an angel
It was just like a new rider on a stallion insisting to obey his former jockey

Cameron Batmanghlich
January 15, 2007

The silky -- soft, pearl white feathers of the giant angel, arranged in a way not letting the slightest volume of air through, took the little child to the border of suffocation in hugging him; erasing the destiny's map hidden deep inside of his soul showing the path of his life, without leaving the slightest trace.

The direct transmission of life -- power from the angel's wings to the little boy's being, giving him a new life and destiny, marked him forever.

Having already been on this earth for a few years, the new life, the new divine energy, felt like a heavy meal on his being, in need of time to be digested and absorbed.

From the point of receiving the new life, the little boy's original life and destiny began to fade away bit by bit, making room for the new life given to him through the touch of the angel's wings. 

For many years to come, this injection of energy, made him hyper to an unbearable extend.  Also, the touch of the angel created an unreasonable, ridiculous and silly fear for feathers in him.

Not fear for birds, but fear for feathers; the bigger and the whiter, the more frightening were they to him.

Within a few years, the original and old life of his would die away, being replaced by his new one.  But for some years, both lives would rule his body and mind, resulting in contradictory actions, feelings and thoughts.

His body not being aware of the arrival of the new life, was fighting fiercely to hold on to the old one, keeping it inside, not letting it go.

But inevitably, the little boy's body lost.

Finally, less than twelve years of being present on this earth, his new life began to take control of him being, pushing the old one away.

Although the new life and destiny was given to him at a very small age, still his body being in its teens had already developed some attributes ... and established certain attributes that would take little boy years to change and overcome. 

The toll taken on him for this exchange to be completed was tremendous. 

The disappearance of the little boy's old life force displayed itself as a disease in his body.  A disease coming from nowhere and without any remedy.  No physicians, no medical tests could reveal the source of the disease eating up his body and spirit slowly. 

An illness manifesting itself in the form of severe stomachaches, paralyzing his body, mind and spirit.  It was during one of these attacks of pain -- when his body lost consciousness -- that the remaining of his old life left his body for ever.  Finally, the time for the completion of the exchange of total control of him had come.

The new life now having control, needed time to catch up with the teenaged body and mind, its habits and surroundings.  In the beginning, it looked as if he had no clue about the most fundamental rules of conduct.  It was just like a new rider on a stallion insisting to obey his former jockey.

As soon as the new life took the reins of him, his being began to look for its soul, and was soon engaged in a battle against his 'Personalized Devil', to free it and reunite it with the rest of him.

Today, our little boy has gotten ride of the old life and destiny and has reunited his soul with the rest of his being.

Today, he has fought and won the 'Battle of his life for his life'.

Today, he is free.

Today, the little boy's 'Warrior life' given to him by the giant angel with silky -- soft, pearl white feathers has left him and a new 'Predator life' has replaced it.

Today, the little boy has become a 'Predator'.

Today, he is getting used to his new life -- once again and one day -- soon -- our little boy will roam through the beautiful flowers of the 'Garden of Happiness'. Comment

Algarve, Portugal, Dec. 2000

Cameron Batmanghlich

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