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Let me...
... bring a piece of heaven and paradise into this dark and gloomy world

Cameron Batmanghlich
January 23, 2007

Let me rip my heart out of my chest with my bare hands, and offer it to you as a gift of love...a gift of our union.

Let me find my way to my place of power ... .on a reef ... in the middle of the transparent waters of the ocean ... then stretch my arms out and shout ... I LONG FOR YOU ... having the angels as my witness, bringing out the word to the Lord and making him aware of my passion.

Let me touch my own face ... touch my lips ... wet my lips ... in search of your taste.

Let me approach insanity by consuming each tone and rhythm in a savage Tango ... losing the air in my lungs in an absolute state of yearning.

Let me go mad in my loneliness ... when imaging you ...

in my arms ...  

making love to you ...

rejuvenating my spirit with your kisses.

Let me hear you pronouncing my name in a sigh, when you reach your ecstasy, tightly held in my arms.

Let me fall asleep in between your legs and breathe in your scent during the hours of respite and life-force replenishing.

Let your body hug me, and your spirit protect my back, when I fall in sleep venturing into other realms, encountering the demons.

Let me ... grant me the blessing of coming home every day ... when the day is through, to your open arms ...

to your smile ...

and shelter me ...

give me the desire of wanting to see another day.

Let your soft gentle hands on my back ... where the pain of my growing wings is almost paralyzing me ... and transfer your healing power scented with love to me.

Let my shoulders feel your lips ... kissing them gently ...

and sigh ...

and hold me tight ...

Let my heart beat fast ...

Let my heart be what it is in front of you without feeling ashamed that it is a heart of the Falcons and not one of humans.

Let me display my power in your presence ...

Let me see you power in front of my eyes.

Let me see your deepest desires ...

let me set you free ...

let me teach you fly ...

let me initiate you into my kin ... the Falcons.

Let me unleash my passion and have it consume us, as a firestorm consumes a virgin forest.

Let me indulge in being a fool loving you blindly, while my common sense stands back, leaning towards my spirit’s wall, and smiles about my childish act.

Let us make room for happiness ...

let us invite happiness inside our chests ...

let the Lord build a protective wall around us ...

from all evil eyes.

Let the inspiration flow into my being to fight ...

to once more draw my sword and face the melody.

Let the enigma of miracles be dissolved, by brining them into me on a daily basis, by the way you look at me.

Let us defy the cynicism and bitterness of this world ...

let us become the champions of love, by setting an example.

Let us make music look pale by the intensity of our union.

Let us make art obsolete by the color of our love.

Let us make poetry no more than verbal diaria by our touches in the dark.

Let us be.

Let us just be.

Let us just be together.

Let us manifest the symbol of yin and yang in our union.

Let us bring a piece of heaven and paradise into this dark and gloomy world ... inspiring others ... imprinting hope into men and women out there ... lost ... with

Minds lost
Emotions lost
Out of touch
Knowing too much, yet hoping too little.

Let us make a pact ...

of seeing and finding each other in our next lives.

Let me have you, to look forward to, when in heaven I am just about to chose to come to this world again and live one more time ... with your smile as my guiding star.

Let me be yours and let me make you mine. Comment

First Draft
Dec. 29, 2006 – London, U.K.

Cameron Batmanghlich

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