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Eclipsing the sun


Dara Esfandiary
July 25, 2007

The Sun rises because we will her to rise.

Her rays are made beautiful by our eyes.

In the microcosm, perception forges our reality:

We perceive and therefore we believe,

And believe in that which we perceive!

But, we see only because the Sun wills us to see.

Our eyes are made beautiful by her rays.

In the macrocosm, conception commands our perception:

“It is what it is simply because it is what it is!”

We fiddle and twiddle with nature’s sublime design

‘Till the end of day, conceiving and perceiving

In so much love-and-hate-inspiring believing!

We kill and kill and kill, that all may come to believe

In that which the royal We selfishly chooses to perceive.


The Sun sets, for a new day cannot otherwise be born;

Darkness prevails upon life’s weary landscape.

We stop to ponder the precious parting moments until,

With renewed hope, the virgin morning sky timidly breaks-

Beaming the warmth and love of all the Gods.

Sparkles of Sunlight desperately romance the dew,

And more waves of fertile daffodils undulate anew.

The new day, born of love, spreads love...

Perhaps it’s time to believe that all conceived

Must be let free to perceive...  


Washington, DC
July 7, 2007


To Dara Esfandiary
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