What have you to offer me?
Question for Iranian men

May 21, 2001
The Iranian

Speaking of a new "interest" I had in a guy from work, my friend asked what nationality he was. I said he was Italian/Australian. A *huff* came from his mouth, one which made me pull the phone away from my ear, as I brought the phone back to my ear, I heard him say, "You need an Iranian boy, don't muck around with foreigners; only an Iranian guy knows how to treat an Iranian girl."

The conversation came to cease a short time later and I retired to my bedroom to finish reading a book. Halfway through the page, his voice just started echoing through my head and I started thinking, no longer having any interest in the book. I lay there and thought about his comments. "Only an Iranian guy knows how to treat an Iranian girl right'.."

Then I thought to myself that maybe he was right. Maybe I needed to think seriously about an Iranian man. I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen for a glass of water and then proceeded to the balcony for a cigarette, since now I'm so enthralled in the thoughts he had planted in my head.

At that point, like a huge comet hitting earth, it occurred to me. GOSH! I did think seriously about an Iranian man on a variety of occasions. I got to know him, I got to know his family, I dated him, I liked him but he treated me like SHIT (pardon my French). Why in God's name would I restrict myself to an Iranian man?

I lit a cigarette and looked at the stars, by this time my heart was beating with anger at the thought of only looking to be with an Iranian man. Calming down after a few minutes, I told myself to think logically. I can't only restrict myself to Iranian men nor can I rule all Iranians out.

I agree with you in the way that it is a bonus to have someone who understands your culture, but isn't it an added bonus to have someone bring a new culture into your life? You're always going to have the Iranian culture, it's in your blood, it's your family and it will be with you forever.

So I ask you this, What do Iranian men have to offer Iranian women that a foreigner doesn't? And don't you dare reply by saying that you've never thought nor said "Iranian men know how to treat an Iranian girl right." I know you all have thought it at some point, and even I was brainwashed into thinking it for a very long time. Is it really better to be with an Iranian man?

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