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Ding dong! Ding dong!
Think about it: Which countries tolerate homosexuals, which want to kill them?


Dario Margeli
March 30, 2005
Last month, for the first time in my life, I went to an Iranian embassy. The Iranian embassy in Madrid. I wanted to visit Iran as a tourist, just like I have visited many other places in the world without any problem. As I got out of the metro station, I saw the embassy of Pakistan. Walking towards the Iranian embassy I cross other embassies on the way. All normal so far.

The Iranian embassy is located on a small street to my left. When I arrive at the street, I turn left and yes, I see something different. Unlike all other embassies, there is a Spanish military police officer in front of the iranian embassy. How embarrassing, the Spaniards having to pay for a guard because Iranians are a cause of trouble! Up to the moment before I had turned left on that street, my thoughts about Iran were green fields in the Caspian shore, snowy mountain tops, and the bazaar stores I was going to visit looking for old music records from the Shah's time!

But as soon as I turned left on that street and saw the guard and the Allah Akbar flag, my memory started to refresh. Once I was inside the embassy I actually started thinking that the trip to Iran was a bad idea all together. They had satellite TV on with programming from inside Iran with a sibiluu woman presenter covered head to toe with a chador. The walls were decorated with pictures of the biggest murderers of our time: Khomeini, Khamenei and I even think Mr. Kooseh!

I started being interviewed by the clerk. He repeatedly asked me a question, which I thought I was answering to the best of my knowledge. I mean the guy was asking me about something that happened more than 20 years ago. I was starting to feel afraid and nervous, which got even worst, when the hezbolahee clerk said: "Ageh mikhaay yek joor digeh mitoonam baahaat harf bezanam!" (I can speak to you in another fashion if you want me to!")

Can you imagine how embarassing this is? I have visited so many countries in the world! I have always been treated cordially and look what treatment one gets trying to visit the country I love. I was tempted to answer the guy: "Khob yekjoor digheh harf bezan!" but I controled myself since I didn't want to mess up my travel plans -- just yet!

Eventually I told the guy: "Vel kon baabaa!" And I took my papers and exited the place as fast as I could. So what does all this have to do with the heterosexual imbecility of the "Say no to same-sex marriage" article in A lot!

You see, I typed on my browser and the screen went blank. As the page was loading, I started imagining what would be on the front page. Nice things: a photo essay of Shomal with green fields, photos of Tajrish Bazaar, which I wanted to visit with fish bowls and laboo...

But when the page loaded, it was like that left turn I made on my way to the Iranian embassy. The page loaded and I see something very hurtful. The article against gay marriage was as hurtful as seeing those pictures of Khomeini and company inside that Iranian embassy. I felt a fear very similar to the one I experienced talking to the hezbolahee clerk.

Iranians, please look at yourselves in the mirror! What countries are working towards eliminating discriminatory laws against gays? Canada, Sweden, Holland, Spain.. Which countries want to kill homosexuals? Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and other shitty countries. Does that ring a bell? Ding dong! Ding dong!

I wonder why heterosexuals have to forcefully discriminate others just because they are not like them. What gives the right to a heterosexual to tell me that I cannot do what he CAN do? And this guy wonders why some people might object to such blatant discrimination. Who the hell do you think you are?

Let me tell you: You think you are superior and above others, just like KHOMEINI and KHAMENEI. It is exactly the same concept. And God didn't say anything! It's just some book some, semi illiterate sheppard wrote!

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