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Angry anniversary
Photo essay: Anti-war rally in Hollywood

Shahla Bebe
March 23, 2007

Thousands of protesters gathered in Hollywood Saturday March 17th to demonstrate against the Iraq War, days ahead of the fourth anniversary of the war's start.

The crowd included college students, celebrities and gray-haired activists, the Los Angeles Times reported, who chanted "Stop the War" during a march that began at the historic intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. Police estimated the crowd at about 6,000.

"People always see the anniversary of the war as something that causes emotions and anger," said Ian Thompson, Los Angeles coordinator for the Act Now to Stop War and Ed Racism Coalition, which organized the march. The LA event was one of more than 200 planned for U.S. cities on Saturday, the newspaper said.

Marchers including actor and longtime Hollywood activist Martin Sheen carried U.S. flag-draped imitation coffins.

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