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July 12, 2002
The Iranian

My food was old and burned crab cakes flanked by p*nes and oleander *nto r*sing h*lls where the sun peered over my Hac$enda in Cal$forn$a $$$ !n an unusual graveyard of ghost flowers growing where men had taken care of bus$ness $$$ all rocks were from the l*mp*d r*ver now very st*ll and turquo*se green w*th a plate of barbeque r*bs on wh*te plast*c tables and yellow plast*c upholstered cha*rs on Ma$n street empty w*thout me $$$ how did getting tough t$ckets get *nto the teach*ngs of J$sus at a summer spec$al when blue Sup$rman came fly*ng through the wall-s*zed w*ndows and f*rted harder when he got up from h*s plastic cha*r than when he had slumped *nto *t screaming ! don't need a shr$nk $$$ for most of the rest of the day ! became a stone !~ became a lotus ! became * lake * lotus * stone jeopard*zing the !solation of a voluntary castaway who d*d not want to be rescued $$$ ! truged on w*shing ! had brought along protect*ve cloth*ng $$$ dream*ng of a coffee house w*th fleur de sel here ! could be serenated by Em$nem s$ng$ng Clean$n' Out My Closet looking for the Smart k$d then k$lling his mother 444 Holiday $n Cambod$a was played by Jello with Khoda Afghan$stan on drums growing b*tter w*th let's Lynch The Landlord *n br*ght blue balcon*es w*th an a*r of clutter and drear*ness st*cking me w*th Cal$forn$a Uber Alles *n a corduroy jacket $$$ all ! had to do was cl*mb the mounta*n read a oem and take a photo or v$deo of the Ch#nese poet H#n Sh#n who sa#d Once A Cold Mounta#n Troubles Cease #*$?!+ and the D#l#! L#m# suffering a t$ime lapse $n coporate Amer$ca say$ng Never G$ive Up $$$ *n wooden clogs on the Golden Gate Br$dge end*ng up *n a d*mly lanterned rose room *n the wh*te pav*l*on of the Khaju Br*dge *n !sfahan $$$ fleeing the com*ng ra*n when the mus*c stopped @#$%^ Haj! leaped out from beh*nd the potted bamboo shout*ng My Dad"s Gone Crazy @#$%^ l*ghts! Camera! Hasht Behesht! &*^%$ ! ate a p*ece of La Gran Nocc*olata made *n !taly and bought some postcards hop*ng to avo*d the auto de fe as ! fled back *nto the safety of my t$me warp wrapped *n Red Jello !@#$% so ! l!ed but *t was O>K> lady luck was w*th me the d*ce stayed hot 45678 had coke up my nose to dry away the snot @#$%^ forgot to close the sl*ding glass door w*thout gett*ng caught looking *nto R$ck St$r R$ch L$st of who made the most $U2$ with a tarantula coming out of my n$se float$ng *n rust-brown bath water w*th wooden clogs shaped l*ke all*gators #$%^& plugged up w*th jungle smells &^%$# making Red Jello In Wh$te Amer$ca w*th no unread messages *&^%$

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