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Who is doing whom?
The more I looked into this, the more I realized that we, the Iranians, are the ones who are being terrorized

February 25, 2005

I just finished reading the "Updates" section of the I came across Notes of an Iranian boy and it really got me. I mean I've been reading a lot about the "American attack on Iran". I've talked to friends either in person or by phone and haven't found that many who have an IQ above 30, who like this idea. Yes, this is my take of it and I don't think people who have half a brain in their pumpkin can really agree with this stupid idea.

I also talked to many Iranians in Iran. I was just there. Again, not many, actually no one who I consider intelligent thought the attack was a good idea. Yes, there were some, especially those who wanted better blue jeans and easier access to Metalika, without knowing who the hell they are. But I can only recall one person who thought any help would be welcomed, even if it is in form of an American attack. He was the same person who thought the Islamic Republic was also a good idea!

All the voices and words point to one direction, FEAR. Everyone is afraid of what is happening or is about to happen. The more I read and listened the more I realized that the only thing this is doing is creating fear and uncertainty. This is all being produced by a systematic belief and by force.

When I came across all these underlined words, I decided to get professor-like on your asses and hit the dictionary. So, here is what Webster says about the words Terrorism, Terror, and Coercion. "Why Coercion", you may ask, well, I just didn't know what that meant, so I looked it up too.

Main Entry: ter·ror·ism
Function: noun: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

Main Entry: ter·ror
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French terreur, from Latin terror, from terrEre to frighten; akin to Greek trein to be afraid, flee, tremein to tremble

Main Entry: co·erce
Function: transitive verb
Inflected Form(s): co·erced; co·erc·ing
Etymology: Latin coercEre, from co- + arcEre to shut up, enclose -- more at ARK
1 : to restrain or dominate by force <religion in the past has tried to coerce the irreligious -- W. R. Inge>
2 : to compel to an act or choice
3 : to bring about by force or threat

Pretty interesting, ha? The more I looked into this, the more I realized that we, the Iranians, are the ones who are being terrorized. Sure, Iran hasn't been saying no to a few terrorists here and there, you know. There was that huge rumor that the Al Qaida found safe harbor in Iran after US "freed" Afghanistan and through land slide elections made them choose Hamid Karzai, a Unocal employee as a president. But what the hell, ha?

Now, Hamid Karzai being a Unocal employee is not a rumor.

Having said all that about the government of Iran, who has not that many supporters inside or outside of Iran, especially in me, I have to admit that as an "American" living in America, I'm a lot less afraid of those "terrorist" in the Middle East than these terrorists living in the White House. The fear of having American planes dropping "smart" bombs guided towards a nuclear reactor in Natanz but hitting a school in middle of Tehran, where my nieces and nephews may be attending is much greater. It truly is even greater than the few moments right after I realized "terrorists" had attacked America and Orange County, California may just be next.

So, who is scaring whom? Who is creating fear in whose heart? Who is causing sleepless nights for whose children? I'm afraid the jury will never come back into the court room. In fact I don't think this court has any jury, much like the one who picked GWB in his first term.

I just wish the world had a principal, you know, a big guy like the African-American actor in Boston Public, a huge figure, very influential. This big guy would make all the wrongs right. He, upon knocking at his office door, would know exactly what's wrong and would bring the kids, in this case, nations together and have them kiss and make up. He would take the bully, (GW), into his office and give him a good tongue lashing. He would tell him that either stop going after our milk money, (oil money in this case) or he would kick his ass and/or expel him from school, (planet in this case). Wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't we all cheer and feel great inside? I would!

So, who's going to be our big black principal with the kind heart and very just? Who is going to take care of the little dark skinned, new kid in the school? Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lybia, Lebanon, Somalia, and many countries in the region have been supporters of terrorism, the way we are being made understood, for decades. Why now? Why this administration? Why, why, why?

Innocent people will die in Iran, just as they did in Iraq. American soldiers will die in Iran, just as they did in Iraq and many other regions of the world for the wrong reasons. People, who haven't done anything will lose their lives, their livelihoods, their homes, their live stocks, and their sanity, for the wrong reasons. Well, wrong reasons, for what we know, but right reasons as far as the White House is concerned. Good reasons, right and righteous reasons, grand reasons, reasons generations would talk about for years to come, Halliburton!

The big black principal with a kind heart and good judgment would kick Halliburton's ass too.

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