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Time to close shop
Nobody could argue that they did not have the facts to make the right decisions


April 17, 2007

Two years ago I created a cyber identity by writing a "presidential speech" which was posted by on February 23, 2005. The purpose was to bring into the open a multiple of issues within the context of an alternative peaceful future and hopefully starting a debate about Iran's future during a time that it is under military threat.

At that time nobody had even heard of Ahmadinejad. I know I had not heard of him and I keep a close eye on material on Iran that is written in English.

I decided to give this cyber person the name of Cyrus Mossaddegh. I purposefully used two D's because I didn't want anybody to think I was from the Prime Minister Mossadegh family.

I chose Cyrus because he was the greatest leader Iran has had in terms of foreign policy.

I chose Mossaddegh because Mossadegh planted in all of us an intuitive understanding of what Iranian society could be if we came together and worked together using the democratic process, at least I think that's what he represented. (I must confess I have yet to read anything he has ever written or spoken besides a few sentences in older newspaper articles.)

Recently I traveled outside of Tehran and discovered Iran Information Agency was blocked, though in Tehran I am able to access it as of April 12, 2007.

What this means is that somebody recently looked at my blog and decided Iranians in Iran should not be having access to the information I am posting.

If any Iranians think that Iranians living in Iran should not have access to this site then I challenge them to tell me why.

About a week ago I came into very close proximity with three men that were obviously keeping an eye on me. I still do not know what was actually happening but it was too close for comfort.

A very few people know my true identity. I trust you to keep this to yourself as I have family responsibilities that have to be taken care of and at the moment those take priority over larger matters.

Below I am posting all my writings that have been published on the Internet under the name of Cyrus Mossaddegh. Anything else I write will be repetition. The only item I have not posted is my latest comment which I first decided to send to Ayattolah Montazeri, requesting his opinion on posting it or not. He advised that I should not post it and I have not. I have not asked his permission to make this final post or not. I think he would disagree, then again maybe he would agree. I don't know.

I strongly encourage those that are thinking about what to do about this crisis to read the material contained here because I posted it so nobody could argue that they did not have the facts to make the right decisions.

We all can see what happened to Iraq because those that were making the decisions did not have the facts but still went ahead and caused a war to take place. Many have blood on there hands now and regret their uninformed decisions.

If you are in a position to help avoid war please read the material very carefully and not make any decisions until you have. That is all we Iranians' in Iran are asking of you.

The wrong move could mean World War Three and the use of nuclear weapons.

Please do your part for peace.

The time to pay for peace is now; it is not when we have to pay for peace through death.

(For access from Iran you can use to gain access, but this may not work if you have dial up.) Comment

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