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June 18, 2005

She voted
My wife Javaneh came back from work Friday and said she wanted to vote in the presidential election. We drove to the polling station at the Mariott Hotel in Emeryville, five minutes from where we live in northern California (see photos). There were about 25 people there; some waiting in a hallway next to the hotel bar (jaa ghahtee bood mosalmoonaa?) and some inside the voting room. Two private security gurads sat in the hallway. All the women wore a scarf, except for Javaneh. To my surprise, no one asked her to cover her hair. Still, we felt so out of place that she almost changed her mind about voting. But she voted -- for Mostafa Moin. I didn't vote. I felt there was no point. This is Javaneh nervously excited after voting >>> Watch

Jahanshah Javid

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