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October 2001

* Film: "Maryam" in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
* Events in San Francisco Bay Area
* Child Foundation fundraiser, Southern California
* Abbas Milani's seminar, Berkeley
* Scholarship fundraising, Berkeley
* New issues of Iran Nameh
* Consequences of terrorist attacks on New York
* Film: "The Wind Will Carry Us", Victoria - Canada
* Gay & lesbian meeting, Los Angeles
* Soroush lecture, New York
* White House fellowships
* 9/11 memorial, Westwood
* Nicky Nodjoumi art exhibit, New York
* Give to the 9/11 fund
* Funds for 9/11 relief assistance, Ohio
* 9/11 commemoration, Boston
* Call for papers, Women's conference
* TV: Iran though women's eyes, PBS
* The Soul of Rumi, Berkeley
* Persian literature & Western opera, Sunnyvale
* Child Foundation, northern California
* Art from Iran, New York
* Mehregan, Washington DC
* Mehregan celebration, Connecticut
* Events in Chicago
* Events in Columbus, Ohio
* Middle Eastern plays, San Francisco
* Brumberg & Milani lectures, Bay Area / LA
* Farjami's poetry, Santa Monica
* Susanne Pari's bookreading, Okaland

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* Film: "Maryam" in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival presents: MARYAM

The story of an Iranian family living in America during the Hostage Crisis

"An extraordinary film...'Maryam' is powerful, important and very moving."
-Roger Ebert

Screening info:
Saturday, Oct. 27th, 3:30 PM
Regal Westfork
15977 Pines Blvd
Pembroke Pines, FL

Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 3:45 PM
Regal Las Olas Riverfront
300 S.W. First Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Sunday, Nov. 11th, 3:30 PM
Regal Las Olas Riverfront
300 S.W. First Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Festival information: 954-760-9898 or
Maryam info:

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* Events in San Francisco Bay Area

For more information see Persian Center's events calendar.

-- Movie night at Persian Center featuring Tahmineh Milani's "The Legend of Sigh" [Dastaneh Aah], Thursday, October 25th at 6:30 pm.

-- Coming in November: "Dreams and Mirages", bronzes, ceramics, and mosaics by Khalil Bendib, Saturday, Nov. 10th, 2-7 pm at he Persian Center.

-- Naahal Scholarship Fundraising Dinner & Auction: Saturday, November 17, 6:00pm, Hs. Lordship, 199 Seawall Dr., Berkeley Marina:

-- "Shahnameh Khani": Friday, October 26, 2001, at 6:00 pm.
De Anza College, building L9, room L95.

-- Fall 2001: Sufism and Persian Literature, with Dr. Zahra Taheri,
Wednesdays from 7-10 p.m., 271 Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley.

For more information see Persian Center's events calendar.

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* Child Foundation fundraiser, Southern California

You're cordially invited to attend Fundraising GALA 2001, a memorable night with :

* Four-course dinner

* Event MC : Shahrzad Ardalan

* Live Entertainment : Shakila Mehrdad

* Guest of honor : Behrooz Vosooghi

* Live Silent Auction

When : Friday, November 9,2001 , 7 PM to 1 AM

Where : Marriott Hotel
18000 Von Karmen Ave , Irvine , CA

Proceeds from this event benefit Child Foundation's Programs, New York Relief Fund and Afghan Children Relief Fund.

For more information , please call (949) 580-1162 or visit our website at

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* Scholarship fundraising, Berkeley

from: Nahaal Scholarship  
H's Lordships - 199 Seawall Dr., Berkeley Marina, CA View Map
Saturday, November 17, 6:00pm

Once again it is the annual fund raising dinner to benefit the "Nahaal Scholarship Fund". This year marks our fifth anniversary for Nahaal and the celebration will be held on November 17th. 2001, at the beautiful "H's Lordships" Banquet room" in Berkeley. On behalf of the board, we invite you and your circle of family and friends to join us for an evening of food, fun, and participation in a great cause >>> DETAILS

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* Abbas Milani's seminar, Berkeley

This is an announcement for a seminar on "Modern Social Thought" by Dr. Abbas Milani in Berkeley.

Dr. Milani is currently the Chair of the Department of History and Political Science at the Notre Dame de Namur University. He is the author of "The Persian Sphinx: Amir Abbas Hoveyda and the Riddle of the Iranian Revolution", "Modernity and Its Foes in Iran", "Encounters with Modernity", "On Democracy and Socialism", among others.

There will be 12 sessions in this seminar. Here are the details:

Date: Every other Sunday, starting November 11
Time: 5:30 to 8:30 P.M.
Place: Saffron Cafe, 2813 7th St., Berkeley CA
Lectures will be in Persian
Registration fee: $200

There will be a reader made available in the first day of class. If you are interested or if you have any questions please e-mail me at:

Here is Dr. Milani's suggested syllabus:

--A summary of the last seminar: an overview of the themes and theories

we discussed during the last year. (First session)

A. Modernity and its many definitions

B. Problems and patterns of modern social and literary theory

C. Advent of the Post-postmodern

D. Iran's encounter with modernity

-- Existentialism (Second, and Third sessions)

A. Dostoveysky

B. Kierkeggard



E. Camus

-- Anarchism (Fourth session)

A. Bakunin

B. Anarcho-syndacalism

-- Totalitarianism (Fifth session)

A. the theory

B. Nazism: historic roots in theosophy

C. Structure of economy, and politics

--Pragmatism (Sixth session)

A.The metaphysical Club (Holmes, James, Pierce et al)

B. Recent trends in Pragmatism: Richard Rorty

--Semiotics (Seventh Session)

--Gramsci, Lukacs and the origins of Euro-Marxism(Eight session)

--Bakhtin and literary theory (Ninth Session)

C. Materialism and art

D. Carnival

E. Theory of the novel

--Unger and new theory of radical politics (Tenth session)

--Schmidt, Strauss and modern conservative theory (Eleventh session)

--Politics and culture during the reign of Mohammed Reza Shah. (Twelfth


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* Consequences of terrorist attacks on New York

We will have a meeting on Friday, October, 26, 01 at 7:00PM, in Goddard Riverside Community Center, at 593 Columbus Ave north east corner of Columbus Ave and 88th Street. New York, New York. We will have discussion about following topics.

1: Economic and political consequences of terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, DC by Dr. Morteza Mohit.

2: The historical perspective of current situation in Afghanistan.

I hope we see you there.

Iran Forum

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* Film: "The Wind Will Carry Us", Victoria - Canada

University of Victoria Persian Club Presents: "The Wind Will Carry Us"

Wed & Thurs Nov 7 & 8
7:00 & 9:15
Special discount for the club & community members
Abbas Kiarostami (Iran, 1999, 118 min; Persian with English subtitles)

UVic Persian Club
Victoria, BC, Canada

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* New issues of Iran Nameh

The current issue (Volume XIX:1-2) of Iran Nameh, Winter & Spring 2001 in about 250 pages deals with non-Muslim communities in Iran. The journal is put out by the Foundation for Iranian Studies (a non-profit, non-political, educational and research center dedicated to the study, promotion and dissemination of the cultural heritage of Iran) based in Bethesda, Maryland in the United States. I do not have an ISSN number for it, though.

For further information the telephone number is (301) 657-1990 and Mr. Hormoz Hekmat's Email address is The journal is in Persian with English abstracts at:



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* Gay & lesbian meeting, Los Angeles

LA Gay & Lesbian Center's Village
1125 N. McCadden Pl.
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Room 133

The Village is 1 block East of Highland and 1/2 block North of Santa Monica Blvd. Free parking is available across from the Village.

The agenda for the meeting is:

Friday 10/26/01 9 A.M. - 6 P.M.

- Getting to Know each other
- Historical overview of Homan
- Reviewing Homan's bylaws
- Homan & gender issues

Saturday 10/27/01 10 A.M. - 6 P.M.

- Review of Friday
- Future goals & vision
- Magazine & editorial board
- web-site

On Saturday night, Club 1001 Nights has a Halloween party that some of us are planning to go to.

Sunday 10/28/01 11 A.M. - 3 P.M.

- Ice breaker
- Wrap-up
- Elections & responsibilities

We hope to see you there.

Best wishes,

Homan LA

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* Soroush lecture, New York

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* White House fellowships


I wanted to share with you information on a program (I found it on the web) that I think would be very beneficial for members/directors to consider applying to, speficically those who are American citizens of Iranian heritage. Representation even through being an applicant (and not necessarily even winning) is important as we all try to advance in communication and representation in democracy.

How do you feel about this sentiment, and how do you think your publication could effectively promote awareness of this program? This is an extremely prestigious program and a great opportunity for the talented:

The White House Fellowships

Since 1964 the White House Fellowships have offered outstanding young Americans the opportunity to participate in the day to day business of governing the nation. After a highly competitive selection process, 11 to 19 men and women are chosen to serve for a year as White House Fellows. The fellowship year runs from September 1 through the next August. Each Fellow works full time as a special assistant to a Cabinet member or senior presidential advisor and also participates in an education program designed to nurture his or her development as a leader. Applications are due February

1. The White House Fellowships are America's most prestigious program for leadership and public service.

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* 9/11 memorial, Westwood







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* Nicky Nodjoumi art exhibit, New York

Nicky Nodjoumi

New Paintings, Project Room

Stefan Stux Gallery

October 11 - November 10, 2001

Opening: Thursday, October 11 6-8pm

Address: 529 West 20th Street 9th flr.

Telephoe: 212-352-1600

Hope you can make it!

* Give to the 9/11 fund

Dear Friends:

In the aftermath of the tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001, we have found ourselves burdened by an overwhelming sense of sadness and helplessness.

We have confronted many questions, the answers to which are often complex and elusive. How and why did this happen? Why would someone, anyone, regardless of faith or creed, commit such an act against all of humanity? What can we do to help the victims and prevent something like this from ever happening again?

We have sought answers in the words of our political leaders, in the faith of our religious leaders, and in the arms of our loved ones. We have found some solace, though not enough. In addition, as Iranian Americans, we have carried one more, unique burden. As Americans of Iranian descent, we have been forced yet again to explain that we do not endorse such acts inhumanity and brutality-- that these acts are in fact antithetical to our very being.

We understand why some would look to us for such explanations. It is not entirely without basis. Yet we have been frustrated again and again at having to provide the explanation. In that context, we have decided to establish a fund, on behalf of all Iranian Americans, to support the victims of this horrendous tragedy. We are writing to you to seek your support and your endorsement.

If in the last few days you have found yourself asking "What can I do to help?" here's the answer. If you have asked "How can I show that I care?" here's the answer. If you have asked "How can I show that Iranian Americans stand by their brothers and sisters, Americans of all descent?" here's your answer.

So, to all of you who get this email, we ask 2 things. Please do both. It truly does matter, and you can make a difference.

(1) Contribute as much as you can; and

(2) Please forward this to at least 10 people that you know and respect, and ask them to do the same.

We have often used the viral nature to achieve other less noble goals. Let this be the most important use you make of it today. Let us try to anticipate some questions that you may have:

Q: Where does the money go?

Once we believe that the fund has reached its potential (by no later than October 22), the fund will be forwarded in its entirety, on behalf of all Iranian Americans, to the September 11th Fund.

The September 11th Fund is a fund established by the United Way and the New York Community Trust to respond to the immediate and longer-term needs of the victims, their families, and communities. It has received the support of dozens of Fortune 500 companies and thousands of individuals.

Q: Do you have to be an Iranian American to contribute?

No, positively not. You just have to share our desire to help the victims, and to make a statement on behalf of Iranian Americans against the mass murder of innocents.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum amount that may be contributed?

No, there are no minimum or maximum amounts that you may contribute. In fact, we will not track contribution amounts.

Q: Will my name be noted as a donor?

If you want it to be. If you send a check, your name will automatically be added to the list of donors, unless you expressly ask to be an anonymous donor. You also may, of course make a contribution on behalf of another.

Q: Will the contributions be publicized?

Once the fund is closed and forwarded to the September 11th Fund, we will do whatever we can to publicize the efforts of Iranian Americans to help in this time of tragedy. Obviously, the larger the fund is, the more likely we will be to achieve this goal.

Q: How do I know that the money will go to the right place?

This is a fair question. The fund has been established at First Union Securities in Washington, D.C., and the account representative is Tristan Caudron. Tristan has been instructed to forward all proceeds to the September 11th Fund. You may contact Tristan directly to confirm this.

Q: How do I contribute? I have attached below an email from Tristan explaining the process by which you may contribute.

If you have any questions or doubts about this, you may of course call us directly. I hope that you contribute and we ask each of you to please do so. First and foremost, so that we may help the victims of this unspeakable tragedy. And second, so we can make a meaningful statement on behalf of all Iranian Americans.

We will not belabor you with additional implorations. If you get this from us, it's because we know you and know that you will do whatever you can to help.

Best regards,

Nader and Neda Salehi
Tel: (617) 607-0248

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* Funds for 9/11 relief assistance, Ohio

We are happy to announce that the Ohio Iranian Cultural Association's campaign to collect funds for relief assistance for victims of the World Trade Center attack resulted in collection of $3820.00 by 67 individuals. In addition to incurring $360 expenses, the ICA contributed $180 to make a total contribution of $4000.

We were thrilled not only by this generous support given by our community members to this cause but also by touching comments by several Americans who sent their contributions through this campaign as a way of demonstrating their support to our community in this difficult time.

Contributions were tax deductible and receipts were mailed to all donors. You may see a copy of our check, the receipt from the American Red Cross, and a picture of our representative with the American Red Cross official receiving the check at Thank you to the contributors and those who assisted with this project.

This campaign has ended. Any contribution should be sent directly to the American Red Cross.

Akbar Mahdi

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* 9/11 commemoration, Boston

Iran Committee of Boston invites you:

* In memory of all who perished on 9-11 (Farsi),

** Honoring MEHRGAN a Persian tradition: Film; CHILDREN OF THE SUN by M.Saboori (English)

*** Open discussion: After the tragedy (Farsi)

Time;OCT/14/01 @ 4 p.m.

Place; MIT, Build 1, Rm. 190

This program is made possible by the MIT Middle Easter Club.

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* Call for papers, Women's conference

The 13th Iranian Women's Studies Foundation conference will be held in Denver, Colorado in June 2002. Those interested in presenting papers, art or... should contact the board by November 1. For more information, see >>> HERE

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* TV: Iran though women's eyes, PBS

Adventure Divas -- A team of women documentary filmmakers working w/PBS, has finally released their airdates for their cultural/travel series.

These shows cover the cultures and sights of several countries (including Iran), through the eyes of their women. The series promises to be insightful and educational and I hope you will make the time to watch. You may remember me telling you about my involvement with them for the show on Iran.

That show will be airing on your local PBS stations from November 23-30 (check local listings for exact times & dates). It is timely because it shows other Muslim women's lives: They own businesses and count among their ranks artists, entertainers and politicians. The show is entirely apolitical and is meant as a travel & cultural documentary. I recommend you watch this show & the others in the series, which include: Cuba, India & New Zealand.

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* The Soul of Rumi, Berkeley

Coleman Barks performs his new translations of the astonishing 13th century mystic and ecstatic poet Rumi, accompanied by master musicians

Geoffrey Gordon ( dholak and vocals)
Bruce Hamm (sarod)
Stephen Kent (didjeridu)
Jai Uttal (vocals and harmonium),
Marcus Wise (tablas)

Sunday, October 7, 7 PM
First Congregational Church of Berkeley
2345 Channing Way at Dana
Berkeley (wheelchair access)

Tickets - $12 advance, $15 door, available at independent bookstores.
Benefits KPFA Free Speech Radio
Tickets & information: 510.848.6767x609 /

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* Persian literature & Western opera, Sunnyvale

Socity of Iranian Professionals (northern California)
General Meeting Friday, October 5, 2001
Speaker: Peter J. Chelkowski
Topic:"The Influence of Persian Literature on Western Opera"

Dr. Chelkowski is a reknowned middle east expert and student of Persian Literature. He received his PhD in Persian literature from the University of Tehran in 1968, after pursuing a post-graduate degree in Near Eastern and Islamic History from the School of Oriental and African studies at the University of London in 1962.

Date: Friday, October 5, 2001

Time: 7:30 p.m. (SIP Pre-meeting Dinner at : 6:30-7:30 pm. $18)

Location: Faz Restaurant Ballroom, 1108 N. Mathilda, Sunnyvale, tel. 408 752-8000

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* Child foundation introduction, northern California

I represent Bonyade Koodak in Northern California and have invited Dr. Abuturab Yasrebi, the founder of this organization to visit us in the Bay Area.  My goal is to increase the exposure of this remarkable organization which helps smart but disadvantaged children in Iran stay in school.

 Dr. Yasrebi will be a featured speaker at SIP's monthly meeting on Friday October 5th. He is also scheduled to meet and collaborate with leaders and founders of other community organizations on Saturday Oct. 6th and Sunday Oct. 7th.

 I would like to invite our community in Northern California to use this occasion to learn about and become involved in Bonyade Koodak. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any questions you might have.


Firoozeh Nazari

What follows is a brief introduction:

Dr. Yasrebi established Child Foundation (Bonyade Koodak) in 1994 as a non-profit organization with the simple objective of helping children stay in school. The program is now expanded to include college students, blind students and children and youth with cancer.  This is achieved by providing educational needs, medical help, food and other services to talented, needy students. Child Foundation programs have benefited children from Iran, Indonesia, Azarbaijan, Bosnia, Palestine and Turkey within the past six years.

Child Foundation is more than a charity organization for over one thousand families. It is seen as a family friend, a concerned and caring partner helping in raising healthy children.

There are many child sponsorship organizations in U.S.A, most of which are very good and trustworthy. What makes Child Foundation unique is the fact that all the members affiliated with this organization are committed to its goals and work as volunteers. This has helped keep the administration and overhead cost around 10% (5% in 1999) of total revenue since the start of our operations.

Dr. Abuturab Yasrebi was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1957. He obtained his Bachelor of Science and Master Degrees at UCLA. Later, he went to Seattle, Washington and finished his education by obtaining his Ph.D.   Currently Dr. Yasrebi is working as a Research Scientist in Precision Castparts located in Portland, Oregon. He also teaches as Adjunct Professor at Oregon Graduate Institute.

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* Art from Iran, New York

The Queens Borough Public Library's main library, 89-11 Merrick Blvd. in Jamaica (New York), is hosting the free exhibition, "A Breeze from the Gardens of Persia: New Art from Iran," through Nov. 6. Hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays. For information, call 718-990-0700.

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* Mehregan, Washington DC

The Iranian-American Cultural Association invites you to observe the bounty of Autumn during its Mehregan event on Saturday evening, October 6, 2001

Iranian Folklore dances will be performed by: The Nakisa Dance Ensemble led by Elaheh Amiri, The Iranian Community School, and, Music performance will be led by renowned musician Kazem Davoudian.

The sit-down dinner and cash bar will be followed by a dance DJ program. Please inform us if you are a vegetarian.

PLACE: The Ballroom of Embassy Suites Hotel (telephone: 202/857-3388) at 1250 22nd Street, NW, Washington, DC

TIME: 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
TICKETS: Members: $45;
Non-members: $55;
Children under age of 12: $25

RSVP your reservations by leaving a voice message at: 301/656-IACA (4222) or send your emails to

Make your checks payable to "IACA" and send them to:

P.O.Box 12861
Arlington, VA 22219

OR Use PayPal at IACA's website at no later than 5pm October 2, 2001

Donations for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks will be collected to be delivered to the appropriate relief agencies.

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* Mehregan celebration, Connecticut

Foundation of Iranian of Connecticut, cordially invites you to join us for the Mehregan Celebration

Sunday 22 Mehr 1380
14 October 2001
1:30 - 5:30 PM

Hope Building
Yale University
315 Cedar St.
New Haven, CT

Speaker: Professor Hamid Dabashi
Department Chairman
Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures
Columbia University

Topic: "A Critical Analysis of Past, Present & Future of Iranian Cinema"

Film: White Balloon

With commentary and analysis by Professor Dabashi

Professor Dabashi will also sign his new book: "Close Up: Iranian Cinema, Past, Present, and Future"

As in the previous years, Bookplate bookstore will offer an array of interesting books related to Iran.

Free admission

For further information, please contact at: or (914) 882-4726

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* Events in Chicago

Proudly Sponsored by Iran House of Greater Chicago:

-- On Sunday, October 7th, 2001-Noon Till Sunset
Mehregan Celebration
Harms Woods Forest Preserve, Grove# 5

-- On Saturday, October 13th, 2001- 11 A.M.
Speech: "Know Your Rights!"
By: Lily Abedinpour
Attorney At Law
At Persian School
Oakton Community College
7701 Lincoln Ave, East Wing, Room # 212
Skokie, IL 60076

-- On Saturday, October 13th, 2001- 3 P.M.
Speech: "Islam& Freedom"
By: Dr. Ebrahim Yazdi
Skokie Public Library
5215 Oakton Ave. Auditorium
Tel: (847) 673-7774

-- On Sunday, October 28th, 2001-6 P.M.-10 P.M.
Deedar, Dinner & Dancing
Reza's Restaurant On Ontario
$20 Per Person for all you can eat and dancing

For more information & details call at (847) 673-0614

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* Events in Columbus, Ohio

On Saturday 20, October, 2001, there will be two events in Columbus, one starting at 7:00 pm and ending around 9:00-9:30 pm, the other one opening at 9:00 pm. Both events take place at Ohio State University, one at the Wexner Center for Arts and the other at Ohio Union. Two buildings are two minutes away from one another.

1) Two Films: a) Screening Saturday, October 20th / 7 pm. TO HAVE OR NOT TO HAVE (Niki Karimi, 2001) b) TABAKI (Bahman Kiarostami, 2001)

Remember, directors of both films, Bahman Kiarostami and Niki Karmi will be present for discussion of their films.

2) Concert by Bijan Mortazavi, Renowned Musical Artist and Instrumentalist: Saturday, October 20, 2001. The Ohio Union, Ohio State University, 1739 North High Street

For information and ticket, call (614)436-5553.
Advance Purchases: $35, Day of the event: $40.
Send checks or money orders payable to F. Zarandi to the following address: F. Zarandi, P.O. Box 29621, Columbus, OH 43229.
For credit card purchases, please call (614)265-7847. Add $1.00 per ticket.

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* Middle Eastern plays, San Francisco

The opening week of ReOrient 2001 was great thanks to the hard-working ensemble and a fabulous audience... now for the second week we present A Marriage Proposal and Three Stops, two witty comedies by Egyptian-born playwright, Yussef El Guindi. The evening's program will begin with musical performance by Abdul Malik Said on violin, and Sabrina Spinali on Middle Eastern percussion. Don't miss it!

Call now for reservations 510.986.9194

September 27th through October 14th, 2001
Thursday - Sunday, 8:00 pm
Yugen/ Noh Space 2840 Mariposa St., San Francisco

General Admission $15.
Special $30 ticket admits you to all three series

Golden Thread Productions Presents its Third Annual Festival of Short Plays Written by Playwrights from or on themes concerning the Middle East.

ReOrient 2001
Love & Happiness was never so complicated...
Series Two: Oct 4 - 7

A Marriage Proposal adapted by Yussef El Guindi directed by Ana Bayat Chekhov's masterful comedy set in an Arab-American immigrant family. The hapless suitor gets much more than he bargained for in the woman he perceives to be the perfect Arab wife.

Three Stops by Yussef El Guindi directed by Torange Yeghiazarian Three strangers riding the bus on New Year's eve ... recovering from an end, or searching for a new beginning.

Presented in the same evening, the two plays by El Guindi exemplify the rich palette of contemporary Middle Eastern playwrights bridging the ethnically specific with the universal.

Info/ reservations: 510.986.9194

Golden Thread Productions is a dynamic San Francisco Bay Area ensemble dedicated to the production of theatre works that explore the Middle Eastern culture and identity as represented throughout the globe.

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* Brumberg & Milani lectures, Bay Area / LA

My colleagues may be interested in two talks that I will be giving, along with Dr. Abbas Milani, the week of October 8-12, in the Bay Area in California.

On Tuesday, October 9, at 7:30 pm at Notre Dame de Namur University, and October 11, 5:45 pm, at the headquarters of the World Affairs Council in San Francisco, we will speak about our respective books, The Persian Sphinx, Amir Abbas Hoveyda and the Riddle of the Iranian Revolution, and Reinventing Khomeini: The Struggle for Reform in Iran.

Following that, on Friday, October 12, I will speak at UCLA's Center for Near Eastern Studies, and on Saturday, October 13, at 4 pm, I will give a talk at the Midnight Special Book Store in Santa Monica.

I am particularly interested in meeting with American Iranians from the Bay and LA area.


Dan Brumberg

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* Farjami's poetry, Santa Monica

We are inviting you to attend Leila Farjami's poetry (in Farsi & English) recital night on October 8, 2001,Monday, from 7:00-9:30pm at Kanoone Sokhan, 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA 90401. This program will be accompanied with music.

For further information you may contact: 949.551.4726. To visit Leila's poetry site, you may log onto

Thank you.

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* Susanne Pari's bookreading, Okaland

You are invited to a new monthly Salon. In the European tradition salons were places where women of culture and intelligence regularly invited friends and guests in order to listen to famous (mainly male) writers and artists. Gertrude Stein, the American in Paris, subverted the centuries old tradition by making a woman, herself, the exclusive object of attention at her own salon.

In America, the salon initially took the form of a "parlor gathering" and had a distinctly political, as well as cultural, tone. In1836, when the Grimke sisters, both ardent Abolitionists, spoke at one of these small parlor gatherings, more than three hundred women showed up. The EdgeWork Salon gratefully acknowledges this tradition.

The EdgeWork Salon will be held the second Sunday of each month at the Montclair Women's Cultural Arts Club (1650 Montain Blvd, Oakland), from 3:00to 5:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

Our first Salon will take place on OCTOBER 14TH, featuring two of the nine writers to be published this year by EdgeWork Books: Susanne Pari, an Iranian-American writer, will read from The Fortune Catcher, a family and love story set in the Iranian fundamentalist revolution. The burning actuality of her book will lead to a discussion of the devastating effects of religious and political extremism. Margaret Randall, well known as an author, photographer and social-activist,will read from a new book of poems, Where They Left You For Dead, and linkher themes -- illness, suffering and love -- to women's emotional responses tothe recent attacks.

The next Salon, on NOVEMBER 11TH will introduce writers and artists participating in EdgeWork's second Round of publications.The December Salon, on DECEMBER 9TH, will celebrate the launch of the first Round of EdgeWork books.

Find more information about this new women's publishing company at

Please RSVP to 510-524-2281, extension #1

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