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Short story


May 9, 2006

Thursday night, young and not too young were trying to have a good time. The traffic was so jammed as if a thousand cars decided to park their cars middle of the street. The sound of music; Persian, Rap, Rock and Arabic was everywhere. Police helplessly was trying to direct the cars to free up the traffic. The smell of Kabab was appealing.

"Koorosh jan, please let's park the car and get something to eat" Sheyda said.

"That's a great idea; I haven't had Kabab for ever". Mahsa said.

The little Kababi shop was packed with the costumers. People were impatiently waiting for their orders. Sheyda and Mahsa decided to wait outside while Koorosh got in line.

Sheyda was wearing a short white manteau over short blue jeans, a little over her ankles, and high-heal black shoes. She covered her beautiful dark brown hair with a designer white-and-light-blue scarf. Her long black eyelash made her gorgeous eyes so stunning that one would never want to stop looking at them. Her smile was so mesmerizing and addictive that you wanted to capture that moment eternally. Her incredible body was truly like an undiscovered southern paradise; as if God brilliantly sculptured her to just watch ceaselessly.

"Mahsa Jan, please tell me, what do you think about Koorosh? Tell me the truth?" Sheyda said.

"You are so damn lucky; he is so handsome, highly educated and damn rich. What else do you want? You are thirty-two-years old, you better act fast, " Mahsa replied with an envious smile.

Fifteen minutes passed, Sheyda and Mahsa were still waiting outside. A few young looking guys were approaching them; laughing loudly and teasing each other. They seemed like they were high on something. As they were getting closer, one of them stopped and looked at Sheyda and instantly took a piece of paper from his packet and tried to give it to her. Sheyda turned away from him, but Mahsa quickly took the paper and the guy walked away with a big smile on his face.

A few hours later, after dropping Mahsa, Koorosh and Sheyda were on their way to his apartment. There was a creepy silence and nervousness in the car. At his apartment, without saying a word, Koorosh went to his hidden drug stash and got his favorite drug; crystal.

"Please Koorosh, you promised me you won't do drugs anymore," Sheyda said.

"Shut up jendeh," he shouted at her. He was walking back and forth and talking gibberish to himself. "Fucking jedeh, it took her just a minute to open her legs for a total stranger..." His facial expression was so intense as if he was ready to assault her. He turned the TV on with a high volume and shouted, "Go to the bed room bitch!"

Fear took all over her body; "What's wrong Azizam? What did I do wrong?" She said.

"Shut up! You know exactly what's wrong. Who was that guy in front of the Kababi? Your old boyfriend, huh?" He said it with an angry voice, and took his belt out and hit it on the table. "I said go to the fucking bedroom bitch," he shouted. Suddenly, he grabbed her hair from behind and dragged her on the floor to the bed room while punching her. Blood started running from her mouth. She put her hands top of her head to cover her head while screaming and crying.

"Take your fucking pants off jendeh... I want to teach you a good lesson, then you'll never look at anyone else," he screamed. Then, he jumped on her and knocked her down on the floor again, and while holding her hands from behind with one hand, forcefully unzipped her pants and pulled it down to her hips. He put his foot in the middle of her pants and savagely pushed them off her feet. She was struggling and kicking to escape from him while screaming and asking for mercy: "Please Koorosh, please stop it. I'll do anything ... please don't ... stop ... don't ... "

For a moment, Sheyda was able to almost stand up, but he grabbed her hair and knocked her down on the floor once more, and tried to take her panties off. Sheyda was kicking and defying, but he forcefully took her panties off by tearing it apart. Next, he pressed her down and turned her on the stomach and sat on her legs to stop her from kicking. After that, he put her torn panties into her mouth to stop her from screaming while he unzipped his own pants and pushed it down and put his legs in the middle of her legs and forced her to open her legs. At this point, her fragile body was too weak to defend herself. She was breathing heavily and choking from too much blood in her mouth. All of a sudden, everything went blank; she couldn't hear, see or feel anything.

At the hospital, Koorosh was weeping silently at her bed side while whispering to her; "I am so sorry Azizam, I promise, I won't hurt you anymore, I love you!"

The Emergency Room doctor stopped by to check her out again. "I am worried about blood in her left eye. We need to wait for our specialist to check her black eye. Her open lips and the other injuries will be OK eventually, but can I ask you a question Sir? What kind of monster did this to her? Did you say she was mugged ... while she was waiting for you in the car!?" She told Koorosh sarcastically.

Koorosh looked down and said nothing.

Sheyda's family and Mahsa rushed to the hospital. Her father was extremely angry; "Who did this hateful thing to my daughter Koorosh Khan? This is the third time since you two became engaged! What the hell is going on here? Can't you protect your fiancé? Bee orze e ahmagh!" He told Koorosh with a heated tone. He did not say a word. Sheyda's mother vigorously pushed her husband and Koorosh out of the room and said "Mard, khejaalt bekesh? beh een beechaare che kaar daaree? (Shame on you! Why are you bothering the poor thing?)"

A few weeks later, Sheyda was still recovering from that disastrous night. "Please tell me, who did this to you? He did this? Didn't he? Am I right? I promise I won't tell anyone," Mahsa said with an anguished voice while holding her hand. Sheyda, with a hesitant voice looked down and said, "Please don't tell anyone... Aberooy e khaanevaadam meereh (My family will be dishonored). He promised me that he won't hurt me anymore after we get married! He just got jealous because... he loves me so much!"

You don't need to live in fear in the name of "love". For more awareness about battered women see here.

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