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Dumber than me
A reply to Siamack Baniameri

By Roudabeh Faghri
September 26, 2003
The Iranian

Siamack, in your opening paragraph to "Sick and tired", you wrote:

I don't know about you but I'm sick and tired of these people. That's right, I'm sick and tired of these new trends that are popping among Iranians all over the place. My shit-list is growing out of control and I see no end in sight. I'm sure you're sick and tired of them too, you just don't know it.

Siamack, you have totally left me in a query with your opening paragraph. If you really have a problem with the "new trends that are popping among Iranians all over the place" then why don't you just keep your sorry little butt in the past because whether you like it or not the world is going to change every minute of every day. (And notice I said world not just Iranians).

You go on:

I tell you what I'm sick of: I'm sick of pretentious people who refer to themselves as "Iranian-American" to sound more intelligent. Makeup your mind for God's sake. You can not possibly be born in two countries at the same time. If you were born in Iran, you're an Iranian. If you were born in the US, you're an American. That's all there is to it. Let me ask you something: if you had became a citizen of Ghana, would call yourself "Iranian-Ghanaian?" Huh? Would you?

You know Siamack, if you weren't so ignorant of the world around you, maybe some of your stress would be calmed. The fact is that a person with many citizenships has the right to call him or herself any or all nationalities that he or she is. I, myself, am an Iranian-Canadian living in America, and in a couple months (inshalah) I will call myself an Iranian-Canadian-American. What right or privilege do you have to tell me what to call myself?!

Next you said:

I tell you what I'm sick and tired of: I'm sick of chiropractors. Hey, you are not a Doctor and that's the end of the story. Doctors go to medical schools. Doctors write prescriptions. Doctors actually cure patients. Don't call yourself a doctor, people laugh behind your back.

You are such a poorly educated, narrow-minded person Siamack. From what I read in this article, I would guess that you live in California but I don't think that you have ever tried to acquire the wonderful traits of American people. The past seven years that I've lived in America I have come to a point of realization. Before I talk I make sure that what I'm saying isn't generalized, prejudice or judgmental against certain people. 

Do you really know all the chiropractors in the world? Have you gone to all their offices and observed the way that they practice their talent. Whom do you think you are to be telling someone that they haven't worked hard to get to where they are? I guess you are just oneof those "bache mamanies" who thinks you are the only hard worker in this world. Well wake up and smell the chie, because everyone works hard in life.

I tell you what I'm sick and tired of: I'm sick of older Iranian folks who are sucking free money out of Medicare, social security, and other US government services for the poor.  You have never worked a day in this country, never contributed to any of these funds, never been a factor to advance the economy, never built, designed, manufactured, or provided services to anyone. You are stealing money. It belongs to the people who have worked hard all their lives. Don't take it. It's not yours.

The one thing that I can agree with you on is this. Many senior citizens are taking advantage of free money. However, once again Siamack joon, you're generalizing! Have you really talked to all the senior citizens in America to find out if they have "worked a day in this country"? Mreover, why is it that only the Iranian folks annoy you? Are you sure there aren't any Indians, Italians, Chinese, Africans, etc. who don't take advantage of an opportunity when they see it?

Do you want to know who I'm sick and tired of? I'll tell you who: I'm sick of monarchists. Listen, it's gone, done, over with, and it's not coming back. Get on with your lives.

I'm really glad that you found a way to express your stress on the world but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I'm really sorry if you don't have enough facts to back up your arguments against your friends when you get together but that's just your problem.

I'm also sick and tired of Los Angles-based musicians. For God's sake, 25 years and not a single hit. Have you ever considered that maybe music is not your forte?

Again, who gave you the right to badmouth other people? Success is in the eye of the beholder. I don't care if the guy mows people's lawns for a living, if he's happy why not? Is it really affecting the way you live?

Oh, I'm sick and tired of the Iranian national football team. You're telling me that we can not find 20 good footballers among 70 million people? I don't know about you, but I'm baffled. How can it be? For a country that has over 10 million unemployed youngsters, we ought to find a few good footballers. Don't you think?

"Footballers"? hahahahaha hey why don't we just make you the king of the world and then you won't get sick of everything anymore You can make everything just the way you want -- like your mom used to let you do when you were a little boy. 

Let me tell you who else I'm sick and tired of: I'm sick of people who call themselves Persians. Do you ever hear Turks calling themselves Ottomans, or Chinese calling themselves Manchurians, or Italians calling themselves Romans, or Iraqis calling themselves Babylonians? Where did this Persian thing come from? Was I sleeping and missed something?

You are so ignorant. Geez read a newspaper already – actually, you should start with a history book, since you're so out of date! Around the 1940's Reza Shah, who was the ruler of Iran back then, decided he needed a superpower to tag along with, so Hitler became his new idol. Iran actually means the land of Arians. Arians are the race that Hitler believed to be superior. So Siamack, do you really want to be a part of the Hitler era??

I'm sick of them Iranian-owned and operated car dealerships in southern California. Every time I shop there I feel like saying, "Thank you sir for using Vaseline this time. Excuse me for walking funny, but I might have hurt my back while bending over."

If you really have a problem with "Iranian-owned and operated car dealerships in southern California" then why the hell do you keep going down there? I mean are you that slow that you can't decide whether the place you're going is beneficial to you or not?

I'm sick and tired of Iranians who run for US government offices. Being born and raised in a country with the worst human rights record, highest number of political prisoners, most totalitarian governments, and one of the poorest nations in the world, maybe governmental affairs in not our cup of tea. We fucked up our own country, let's not fuck up another.

I really don't think it's physically possible to "fuck up" a country. You have absolutely no right to talk about anyone like that. I don't see you trying to fix anything in "our country" if it's really your country you should want to be proud of it, and try to help it. Talking is so easy, that's why I hate people like you. All they ever do is talk.

You know you're probably one of those low life losers who came to America with his parents' money and is now living and eating off of your own dead father's retirement money 'cuz your mom still thinks of you as a little baby who needs pampering all the time and can't see what a total asshole her son has really turned out to be. No wife, no children, just a bowl of marijuana to sniff and a six pack of beer to drink every night before you go to bed in your one bedroom apartment that smells like your sweat and dirty life. People like you should have their mouths stapled together. I'm sorry but in my book, you lost your right to have any effect on the citizen's and hard workers of this world.

And one last thing I'm sick and tired of: I'm sick of them teenage American-born Iranian wannabes who try to speak Parsi. Hey, your Parsi sucks, give it up. Iran was repeatedly attacked by foreign armies for 2000 years and the language was never destroyed, but now the new generation of Yankee teenage wanna-speak-Parsi-to-make-my-parents-happy are single handedly destroying the language. Please, just shut up.

"Parsi"? It's Farsi you idiot. In addition, I commend the Iranian-American youth for trying to make such a wonderful effort of learning their mother tongue. I think it's just as important as anything else in this world. To be able to compare and contrast two different cultures, religions, languages and ways of life is an important ability that shows just how open minded and eager we all are to take all the opportunities given to us.  

Finally, you end with:

I'm sick of it, man. Just sick of it.

Siamack, I am very glad that I read your article because I was able to prove to myself and to everyone else who read your article, that what you said was absolute bull-shit and that there always will be someone named Siamack Baniameri who is dumber than me. I hope I gave you a real reason to be "just sick of it": Your ignorance.

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