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Too much information
On gooz

Simin Habibian
December 6, 2004

I read Mr. Bahram Saghari's "Farting in Farsi". It was very funny, so funny that if I was taking Prozac I could skip it for a few days! This is not the most interesting or easy subject to talk or write about but I could not help myself adding a few more lines to the article and possibly complete it.

In the past, most families had more children and unlike today each child did not have a separate room of his/her own. There were times that all 4-5 kids were in one room along with a couple of friends and no air conditioning system. So it was quite painful and too close for comfort when someone farted.

Usually the youngest in the room would be the first to be accused. Sometimes we began singing "a-chos ma-chos bu gandu, kee chosideh afandu?" while pointing at each person, and the person who got the last word was the one.

The surest, fastest and fairest detection method was that someone would volunteer and actually smell everyone's bottom and determine the guilty person. Of course others would run to open the windows!

Some related proverbs:

- Gooz be shaghigheh cheh rabti daare?
(two things that are completely unrelated.)

- Gondeh goozi kardan
(To exaggerate)

- Gooz-e aakhar raa dar daadan
(To die)

- Gooz dar daadeh, taghaar raa shekasteh, talaagh ham mikhaad!
(To do bad things to others and still expect help from them!)

- Gooz dar koon gir kardeh/gereh khordeh
(To have an unsolvable problem)

- Gooz-e kadbaanoo sedaa nadaareh
(The fault of the famous or powerful people has no sound)

- Goozam tak goozet, maash haa raa az noe mikeshim!
(The story behind this is that two businessmen were dealing maash, similar to lentil. While weighing them, the buyer farts and is very embarrassed. The seller, who was handing him the maash, took advantage of the situation and added 10 kilos without giving him the maash, and that is when the buyers says: "Goozam tak goozet, maash ha ra az noe mikeshim!")

- Gooz-moalagh shodan/kardan
(To fall)

- Gooz maal shodan/kardan
(To die, to kill. Also nefleh shodan)

- Gooz bar gonbad-e afshaan
(To do something useless)

- Khayli khosh chos-e, dam-e baad ham mishineh

Simin Habibian is the author of One Thousand & One Persian-English Proverbs.

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