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Starry night
I realized I am responsible, not just the governments

By Yassaman Farmani
June 10, 2004 unedited

as I went through my pile of unread e-mails the title "The city of angels" stood out amongst the subjects, so naturally I checked the e-mail and sure enough it was a photo essay, being an artist, I had to go check it out. even though I was taking back by the description "Elam's wedding", because I thought why would I care about Elam's wedding, I don't know her.. anyway.. I'm sure you're wondering why I'm e-mailing you, so I'll just cut the story at this point and get to the point...

I was inspired when I read that she is Jewish and he is Muslim, and that they got married.. and from the pictures I can tell it was a very beautiful and happy event... words can not express the importance of this event. the relationship between the Jewish and Muslim Iranians has been on my mind since may. in may, I heard the story of an Iranian who is half Jewish half Muslim..and it was painful when I heard the intolerance and judgments, he got from both sides, and though, what happened to the Iran I knew as a child, where all people were the same, religion never crossed my mind except for Christmas, at which point a great desire to be a Christian would overcome me, simply for the beauty and excitement of a Christmas tree.

I had an epiphany, which was that peace between Israel and Palestine starts with us, the Iranian community, us not separating ourselves by our religion but rather uniting ourselves because of culture and simply the fact that we are all human beings, we all go through the same thoughts and emotions, and pains, we are all the same, the same soul existing in millions of bodies. all this realizations happened in a education program I'm in called Landmark education, which teaches me to live a life I love an live it powerfully. so through my learning I realized how one person can be the cause of the transformation of the world.

so I made the commitment to transform the relationship between all Jews and Muslims, starting with my own community which I love so dearly. I am committed to transforming our mediocre relationships into unconditional love and unity, into a relationship that will inspire the world, to forget the differences, and remember that we are all family. one of my favorite quotes is that "strangers are just family that we are yet to meet." this education is what made me realize that all humans can be extraordinary people not just for their own day to day lives but for the life of others. I realized the importance of unity and responsibility. I realized that I am responsible, not just the governments, or people who are in high power, or people who live in the terror of it all.

so my first step to fulfill on my commitment is that I am planning a camping event, lasting something between 1-3 nights, depending on the support and the budget. there will be powerful and inspiring speakers both from the Muslim and the Jewish community. speeches from inspired members of our community during the afternoon which will lead into a night of dancing and pure fun under the stars, hence the name of the event "starry night." this event is yet in development, because I have no intention in planning such event by myself, this is a community event and the nature of it is to be planned and put into production in a community, and that brings me to my request of you and the Iranian magazine.

I know that this request might be unreasonable considering that you have not met me and you might not be sure how strong my commitment is and how serious I am about it, but I want you to see the possibilities that this seemingly small event can bring to the world, and I want you to see this event through the eyes of the amazing and powerful person that you are (I say this because of the extraordinary magazine that you have developed and are responsible for), rather than with Sinicism and skepticism.

I request that you sponsor this event and post an article about it and/or tell your readers about it, this of course when the plan is fully developed, for the development of the plan I request that you join the "starry night" team and I request that you ask others on your team to take part in the development of this event. the condition of our society and our world calls for our action to be greater than the person that we think we are and to step up to the plate of being a cause in the matter of life, peace, happiness, and love not just in our own lives, but in each other's lives, as a team, a group, that is when life will not be about survival but rather about joy and having fun, and getting what we want out of it.

thank you so much for doing what you do, with great love and respect,

.................... Say goodbye to spam!

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