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Classification of Iranians in the U.S.

By Dr. MD_PhD
May 13, 2004

Please allow me to address your concerns by performing a simple analysis of the psyche of the Iranian communities in the US. I hope through this simple analysis, we will be able to better understand our predicaments and shed some light as to why Iranians have stagnated just like a donkey stuck in the mud!?

Generally speaking, one can classify the Iranians living in the US in the following four groups of people and I will describe the characteristics and attributes of each group:

A) The Group of ChelloKabob (Hypocrites):

This group which consists of majority of the Iranians living in the US blindly followed the Akhoonds 25 years ago like a bunch of sheep (Goosfand.) One of the most obvious attributes of this group is its hypocrisy.

The members of this group usually travel to Iran once or twice a year. While flying to Iran, the female members of this group wipe out their make ups, put the black veil (tent) on and start reciting mambo jumbo from Qor'ANN. The male members, on the other hand, to cover the smell of the alcohol consumed during the flight use all kinds of mouth fresheners. Most of these bastards are US citizens. The members of this group are not religious at all.

The moment they arrive at the Iranian Customs/Immigration agent at the Mehrabad airport, they begin showing how happy they are coming back home and how bad the US is. On the way to back to the US, the same very people display their happiness to the US Immigration officer as to how great it is to be back home in the US of A. You see the hypocrisy?! There is an old saying in Persian, "Eenha Ham Az Akhor MeeKhorand Ham Az Toobreh." I have more respect for pimps (Jakesh) than I do for this group of animals.

B) The Group of Terrorists (Mordehkhors//Bacheh Akhoonds):

The members of this group are heavily funded by Rafsanjani and his thugs. They are willing to sell their own mothers to stay alive. They are in minority and must be annihilated at all costs. My recommendation is that if you ever identify these bastards on the streets or anywhere just run over them or shoot them.

C) The Group of ANN-telectuals (Rebels without a cause then, old farts without a cause now)

The members of this group most often have advanced degrees (e.g., Ph.D.s) in social science fields!?! The members of this group have read many books but have no clue as to how one should implement the ideas in those books. Twenty five years ago, they used to belong to a variety of t Marxist / Leninist / Maoists groups. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the ideological, political, and economical bankruptcy of Communism, these folks migrated to the camp of Dr. Mosadeq.

This group is the source of all the ills in our society. In fact, they are the ones who instigated the members of the Group A and B to take on the streets 25 years ago. They hated the Monarchy foe one reason only. That is they themselves wanted to be the Monarch!! In other words, "Shenaagar'e Khoobee Hasstan Aabb Nemebeenand." The members of this group must be castrated so that that they can not reproduce!

D) The Group of Patriots

The members of this group are becoming extinct.

I know for fact that several members of the CCed list belong to the group D. I am going to conduct a statistical analysis of the Iranian population in the US and determine the exact distribution of these groups. I'll provide the results as soon as they become available.

God Bless The Patriotic Iranians

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