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Iranian guys suck
Do you think we are going to go out with you, knowing that you fuck anything that so much as moves?

Tuff Wild Chick
November 26, 2004

First of all I'm not a writer or anything, but I just had to get all this off my chest. Of course this article doesn't apply to all Iranian guys, but it does to most of them. I am slowly loosing faith in the whole idea of relationships, for a number of reasons. But the one that I find the most disheartening is the misleading act that Iranian men put on the first few "days" in a relationship.

This is most likely done because they figure they have to be on their best behavior in the beginning or they will not possibly stand a chance. Everything seems to be all about sex with them. How much they can get, how quick they can get it and for how cheap. Women like sex too, but they also have other words in their vocabulary like "relationship" and "cuddle".

It is a proven fact that nearly every Iranian man, if given the chance will fuck anything that spreads its legs for him. Then, they whine and moan about not being able to get a "decent Iranian girlfriend". Hello? Do you think we are going to go out with you, knowing that you fuck anything that so much as moves? Hell no we are not. I will not even consider a relationship with a guy who is known for being a "WHORE".

This is what saddens me most; the difference between men and women, the major rift between us so it seems: All Iranian men want to fuck. If given two women, one a smart and pretty girl who is not willing to have sex untill she has some sort of commitment and a sleazy ugly prostitute who has screwed the entire town, who do you think he will pick and fuck first?

I have seen many of my friends dumped, left, and chaeted on, just because they will not give it up, or simply because of the fact that he was horny and "it was there". This is bullshit, we are not some "pieces of meat" merely for your damn pleasure guys, and don't get all upset when a girl does not want to sleep with you right away. Why not try using some willpower and holding out for something that MEANS something?

On the other hand, there are some of us who do like to have sex on the first or secend date, or shortly after. These girls are screwed as well. A great deal of girls have sex early because they feel if they give the guy everything he wants then he will want her more. She does this hoping to keep him for the long run. But this does not work either. If you sleep with an Iranian guy early on, he would think you are a floozy slut and chances are he will loose respect for you as well as interest and move onto other territory.

When we are nice to them, they think that means we "love" them. When you turn them down, we suddenly become a "teasing bitch".

Iranian men are extremly shallow. They want a drop dead gorgeous woman who's a "smart slut". Yeah, just keep dreaming.

I'm really tired of this crap. You guys always bitch and complain about girls who play games. I'm not one to play games, I've never been - but now I know why women DO play games.Women play games to keep men fucking interested.

Have you ever noticed that when we are initially dating an Iranian guy he is falling all over himself to make sure that you are happy? He brings you flowers, takes you whereever you want to go and seems to always be in a good mood. He never forgets to call and he's always on time?

As soon as he finds out that you are not willing to sleep with him before you get to know him: he doesn't really care what makes you happy, and is too lazy to make any plans, therefore leaving all the date planning to you. He complains about having to come and pick you up, becomes grumpy and whiny about every little fucking thing, forgets to call because he was "busy" doing something else, never on time, and sometimes does not even show up .

You know why they do that to us ? Because they do not have the balls to be honest.

We are damned if we do, and damned if we don't have sex with Iranian guys. So we might as well forget about ever having a "decent" relationship because an Iranian guy cannot help but think with his dick.

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