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Out of the blue my grandmother has decided to have a weblog

January 3, 2005

My grnadmother is 80 years old with no teeth, no hair and whenever she needs to read something, she has to use her thick glasses. But she insists she has to have her own weblog. For my grandmother at her age who when she wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the washroom, the screeching sounds of her walker wakes up all the neighborhoods, writing a weblog should be a little bit late, but my nonna is a believer and no one can convince her otherwise. Not even world champion heavy wheight lifter Rezazadeh can stop her.

We told her at least put the Green Card ad in her weblog so people see that she is in love with Western life but she prefers to use the old Iranian prowerb which  says: God knew donkey's nature so he didn't create horns for her.

Frankly I still can't translate or explain this one to my kids either.

My grandmother came to Canada many many years ago and lives in a very small condominum in downtown Toronto. She really does like it here. But mostly she loves herself. She bought a small digital camera and wherever she goes, she takes pictures of herself to put them in her weblog.

As you see my grandmother loves herself a lot but more than herself, she loves the people around her as well. She always says this country gave her the opportunity of her life. She believes that we all came here as a guest and these people opened their heart and home and greeted us with warm welcome and we should respect them for what we are now.

My nonna has a small white dog called Caramell. Once by mistake Caramell chewed my grandmother's glasses. Now she wants to write a story about this most important disaster that ever happened in her life in her weblog.

My grandmother has another dream too. She always wanted to go to New York but she is scared of being fingerprinted and her name put in the computer system: then they will find out that she once borrowed her brother's sugarcube ration coupons 25 years ago in Shiraz and they will arrest her right there in the airport and deport her stright to Iran.

My grandmother has a very sweet heart. Whenever she makes mistakes or writes something that she thinks could hurt someone, she apologizes and asks for mercy. She says the biggest sin life is to be an egoist and ignorant. That's why we love my grandmother and we respect her. Also, my grandmother recently had a plan to run for the next Iraninan presidency. Between you and me, if she does, I will vote for her with all my heart.

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