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Players & losers
There's still so much more that needs to be said but I'm done thinking & talking and BEING with Iranian guys, til I find one that can truly be called a MAN


August 28, 2006

I'm not going to hurt your head with complicated words & long paragraphs (not TOO long anyway).The only reason I decided to write this artice was to get this off my chest... & offend some Iranian guys.

I know there's a lot of articles on Iranian guys and how much they suck. But that's only because they always piss us Persian girls (and everyone else I think) off and do the most stupid things.

After spending 10 years outside of Iran, I have dated guys from other countries and even though you can find some real dumbasses & idiots & lowlives in them, I've never seen any that are worse than our own pretty (hairy) Persian guys. I hate to diss people from my own land but it's really getting to me and I need my voice to be HEARD... or at least my article to be read.

This summer when I went back to Iran for about 2 months. I understood that Persian guys inside of Iran are really the same as the guys outside Iran. They're extreme SHOW-OFFS (even though they make the biggest idiots out of themlseves most of the time), IRRESPONSIBLE, impatient, EXTREMELY jealous, RUDE, and THE BIGGEST MOMMA'S BOYS (even worse then Italian guys). And I don't care what anyone says "they're not all like that, you can find good ones in them too", yeah BUT VERY RARELY, most of them are the same -- and I'm not exaggerating.

I'm not just writing all this because I'm extremely mad at one. I'm writing this because it's true and I have experienced it WAY more then just once.

They like to think of themselves as "PLAYAZ" even though they are almost always the ones that get dumped first. They act, walk, talk like black guys & then get mad at us for dating them, "ye mosht laat".

They love to think they're the "ladies man" out of their group of friends & then get furiously mad when I date his Spanish friend & not him (HAHA).

They LOVE to say chert-o-pert things like "toro az jooneh khodam bishtar doost daram" and "mikhaam baraat bemiram, to faghat begoo bemir baraam reza, man mimiram" (excuse me while I kill myself), just to get you into bed of course. But then if you say no to them, they go & find some easy dumbass Canadian/American/Swedish/Russian blonde chick -- SHE HAS TO BE BLONDE for revenge -- & sleep with her just to get back at you... yeah, like it really pisses us off to know that you just slept with the easiest, sluttiest girl in town... no we just feel really sorry for you, and that poor girl of course.

They borrow their poor hard-working dad's car (and crash it because of their CRAP driving & showing-off) & eat all his money, they sit on their lazy asses while swearing & yelling at their mother after she's done everything she possibly can for him, and still complain! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? GROW THE FUCK UP!

After dumping him because of his crap attitude & lazy ways, Reza told me that "the only reason you dumped me is because I don't have a car & I don't have much money but that's not a surprise because Persian girls are all materialistic and shallow like that", that wasn't the main reason (I told you what was) but I must admit, it was PART of the reason.

I'm 18 years old & would like my boyfriend (who was 20) to have a car (even if its crap), have some money, or at least A JOB!? Is that a bad thing to ask? In this world today, those things are necessary & most girls want their boyfriends to have those things, be a man & DEAL WITH IT! Stop making lame excuses, living off your mom & dad, getting drunk every other night, sleeping with every girl in town & get A FREAKIN' JOB!

In my experience, loser (or most) Persian guys can be classed into two types:

The Pretending Loser
This type of Irani guy is a real loser. He has nothing. Not a car, no money, no job, no personality, but he still thinks he is the best & walks around reaaalllllll proud of himself, looking for his next prey to trick into bed for the night. He walks like a gangsta & talks like a gangsta (or at least tries to) and while all his friends are getting into university (or finishing university), getting jobs, buying houses & cars, he is still boasting about the number of chicks he's had in the last week. He's a loser in denial.

The Confessing Loser
This type of Irani guy is ALSO a real big loser, the only difference is, he admits it about a million times a day. "Leily mano bebakhsh, midunam liaaghateh toro nadaaram va to az man kheily baalaatar hasti, I know I'm a loser & I have nothing & you could be getting way better guys than me, better in every way, I know I'm a loser & don't deserve you, but I really love you, I want to kill myself for you, just say when, just say it & I will do it... BLAH BLAH BLAH..." Shit like that. But he never really does anything about it. He says he doesn't have a job but does he go looking for one?!NO! SO WHAT'S THE POINT, just shut up about it and get out of my life til you're ready to come back in!


There's still so much more that needs to be said but I'm done thinking & talking and BEING with Iranian guys, til I find one that can truly be called a MAN.

For all those Persian guys who are very hard working & educated and well-mannered & know they are the exact opposite of what I have just described, my apologies, and never let any of your "playa" friends change you because we have too many "playas" out there & none of them are worth a thing, it is the nice guys that every women will look for in the end, because they are the true definition of MEN. Comment

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