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Run run run Reza
Photo essay: Attempting to break a current world record for longest, solo run around continental U.S.

Reza Baluchi
July 10, 2007

Iranian Reza Baluchi is running again. Reza is attempting to break a current world record for longest, solo run around the perimeter of the continental U.S. which is 10,608 miles in 9 months. Reza hopes to finish that run in 6 months. This means running an average of 60 miles a day. Reza started on June 17 in Central Park, New York City. His run will take him from New York City down around the southern perimeter of the U.S., up the west coast then around the northern U.S. perimeter. Reza will then finalize his run, and finish in New York City. He is also running to raise money for The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Reza's goals can only be met through your support so come join him for a run, send him an encouraging note, or donate money for his daily needs and the children >>>

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