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December 20, 2006

There is no saviour

From the soil,

That swallowed you like quicksand.

Don't blame Mother Earth,

She damns humanity tonight.


There is no saviour

When your hands are tied,

And your body suffocates, cold and dark,

While your head is left out to bleed.


There is no saviour

From the sharp stones that hit your face

Until your crimson blood enrages the madman,

So he can empty his bucket of guilt over your virgin veil


There is no saviour

When the stars and the moon turn their backs

To hide away from this orgy of insanity

Don't blame the sky,

She cries for all you, your sisters and mothers.


There is no saviour

When your face is gone and your scream

Reaches only as far as the valley of the deaf

And the only thing that remains,

Are the seconds of your sobs echoing in our ears.  

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Tina Ehrami

Tina Ehrami


Touba and the Meaning of Night
A novel
By Shahrnush Parsipur



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