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Transcendent beauty
Dedicated to Damon, whose transcendent beauty lights up my existence

April 15, 2007

One look
And the words run down
Like a celestial waterfall

You are Beautiful

Not just handsome,
Pretty, or fine
You are Beautiful

It is not for your eyes
Resembling the fresh breeze
Of lilies on a peaceful lake

It is not the fairness of your skin
Glancing smooth and warm
Like a graceful silky sunny day

It is not your soft lips
A rare rose awakened by the dew
Caressing my body under moonlit nights

You are Beautiful

Not just handsome,
Pretty or fine,
You are Beautiful

Because the look in your eyes
Glow with the sincerity of love
Beyond reality and reason

Because only the touch of your skin
Opens my heart to transcendence
Fearless and inexhaustible

Because it is your divine lips
That arouses languor in my limps
Like the moon awaking the tide

One look
And the words keep tumbling
Like pebbles from a mountain top

You are Beautiful, my love.


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Tina Ehrami

Tina Ehrami


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By Shahrnush Parsipur



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