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Scarlett's story
She bit me. I felt pain, no, just a little pain but pure ecstasy

By Layla
June 5, 2002
The Iranian

They say there's no place like home. I disagree. This "other world", this "earth" was bloody great, and I do mean bloody. Lots of willing young men so easy for the picking. All I had to do was flash a little skin and they were under my spell. Didn't even have to go for beguilement which is good as that tires me out. I had everything whenever and wherever I wanted.

Then they found me. This Faction. This faction of mediocre telepaths and precogs. They would never be as good as me. I can read minds over continents, squash peoples thoughts like ants and kill with a stroke of my little fingernail. They were scared, no, terrified of me. I "overheard" one of them one time. Apparently he'd never seen anything quite as horrific as me. I resent that. I am quite beautiful. Silly puny man, so weak in mind and body. Him, I had for breakfast. They couldn't get me but I saw what they did to my lieutenant. I had to make a decision quickly. Stay and be depleted, or leave. While they couldn't get me, they got at everything I had.

I ran and now I'm here, in the Unholy Terrain. I have been here before but its been a long time, a very long time. I can see it so clearly, still feel the pain, the oh so sweet pain when Vanya, that most awesome mother of Vampires gave me her egg. I was just a young girl although I had already known how to beguile a man in my own right. She found me one night in the forest behind my father's camp. My father had shouted at me for talking to the son of the other camp so I walked off. He could never tame me. I came across this woman. She was old. Quite frightening as she called me over. I crept closer, she was whispering to me saying that she had been watching me.

The closer I got, the more I wanted to run away but I couldn't. Somehow, I was fascinated. Suddenley, she smiled... the most gruesome smile; something like a snake's tongue in her mouth. I had heard of this. She was one of those we were never allowed to speak about. We were forbidden to discuss those who drank the blood of our men. I had seen what they do to them after the bodies had been found. My father was in charge of taking their life, totally, before they rose up to walk like a living nightmare. Again, I wanted to run, to scream, but I was paralysed.

All of a sudden she was so beautiful, smiling, laughing, telling me to come closer. So I did. I don't know how I was moving but it felt like I was flowing toward her. She took my hand saying I had such pretty white skin. She looked so sad, like she had a great terrible secret eating away at her. She looked at me, threw back her head and laughed. A great hearty laugh. She knew she had me.

I couldn't look away. I wanted her! At 18, I finally understood real love and this for a woman. She said something about the time not being right but I was to go with her to her "home". I didn't question her. I couldn't think of anything. My family didn't matter now, she was my family, my all, with one look only. Her "home" was an immense rocky growth in the darkest rim of the Unholy Terrain. So many nooks and crannies. I loved it. I loved being with her. She told me many stories, about where she came from, about her enemies, about her friends (friends? She laughed at that. Maybe not friends but fragile allies) and about the gate.

I was intrigued by everything but I wanted to know why she hadn't, well, had me yet. She never touched me and I was beginning to feel that she didn't want me. I saw that she drank from the other girls and I was jealous. I still remember the time I shouted and screamed at her for not taking me. She just smiled and looked in that same sad way and told me that my time would come. We spent many hours together and I asked her about the gate. I wanted to know more about the other side where some had gone and never returned. My little mind could not even begin to fathom the possibilities of other worlds when my world never left the boundaries of my camp.

Then it happened. I was running around in the darkness (she told me why it had to be dark but I knew already) and just generally finding ways to amuse myself when I heard her call me. But it was strange, I heard her in my mind. It wasn't as though she was there and just called me out loud, it was a silent whisper in my head. I went to her. She looked tired but still beautiful. My breath was short. I knew what was to come. My heart started to pound in my chest. Her eyes were feral... scarlet pinpricks in the night. She lay me down on the bed and started to stroke my hair. She told me I would be the greatest to follow after her. She told me her time was short and I would have to be the one to carry on the great tradition.

I was scared. I didn't want her to go. She touched my shoulders and brushed my gown aside. I was naked underneath as that is how she liked it. She told me my body was good and firm and would hypnotise men wherever I went. Good easy prey. She brushed against my breasts and I could feel my nipples become hard as my blood thundered through my veins. I kept staring at her, totally mesmerised as she took my wrist up to her mouth. She breathed in, taking in my perfume, closing her eyes.

She opened her mouth. The mouth... it was so red inside. The forked tongue slithering out to inspect what was going on. Her teeth looked bigger, sharper and getting longer by the second. She grinned the most evil grin and snapped open her eyes. Then she bit me. I felt pain, no, just a little pain but pure ecstasy. My blood was flowing down my arm and into her mouth. I could feel her taking, but I could feel her giving.

My blood was becoming thicker. I could hear the scratching of a rat somewhere down in the basement. I could hear the giggles of the thralls as they explored each other's bodies in the darkness of their rooms. I was very receptive, very strong. There was blood everywhere. I wanted to get up, but I couldn't. Her hand moved. She stopped drinking but I implored her to go on. She told me that was enough otherwise I would not survive.

Her hand, oh yes, her hand, touching my thighs, brushing up against the inside, lightly scratching with her nail. She knew I was a virgin, oh yes, I had a way with men but I remained pure. She entered me with her finger. It felt so good. I moaned as she moved higher and higher. Her finger seemed to grow thicker and longer inside me. I felt the push as she broke through the feeble curtain barring her way to my pleasure and she moved rhythmically inside me.

I had never felt so much pleasure and my body responded by arching to her movement. I was sweating, shaking, blood coursing through my veins like a river about to burst its banks. I looked at her, begging her not to stop. She looked haggard, tired, broken, but she still kept going. My pleasure was so intense as she moved faster and faster, I could feel myself reaching what other women called orgasm. That was it, my body jerked and I screamed out loud as my fluids gushed. It was unbelievable.

I lay there, my breathing slowing down and she bent over me. She opened her mouth to kiss me. I saw something on her tongue. I'm sure I did. Her mouth felt soft as she parted my lips with hers and pushed her tongue through and it was such a sweet kiss (the men could never kiss like this) and she pulled away. As she got up, I had the most violent pain, searing down my throat, burning my insides. I wanted to scream but I couldn't. It hurt too much. I bent over, tears streaming down my face. I had never felt such an excruciating intrusion in my body and it seemed like an eternity before it was all over, and then it was... over.

Sometime later, she called upon me again. This time, she told me she was dying. She told me that she had given me her one good egg and wanted also to be the first to "have" me. She looked awful. She looked... drained of energy. She faded into nothingness, the Vampire inside giving up. I smiled in the dark as I knew that now, it was my turn. She had left me her legacy. I was a Mother. I knew in the end I would die, but when remained to be seen. I was now Mistress of Vampires as she had taught me. A Lazos no less, but I didn't take that name. I took the name she gave me because of my hair. Scarlett. I was to be the start of a great reign of terror. But first, I had to find the gate.

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