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My story
I have always wanted to write about my sex life



Shana Yazdi
December 18, 2005 unedited

Dear sir

I have always wanted to write about my sex life but  I have always had a big hesitation talking about my sexual and personal matters. However my adventures in sex and relationships are so great that I would like to talk about it, especially with women who fall in love with more than one guy. This is a completely true story but I had to make slight changes to the Persian names for the sake of anonymity. It may sound a little bit too explicit or offensive to you but I am sure this text will be quite enlightening for those of you who want to get wind of the recent sexual revolution which is happening in Iran.

I am a very beautiful woman of 35 coming from a very old and noble family. My father is a successful businessman and my mom is a dentist. I am their only child   so you could imagine how I was pampered and brought up in a house full of servants and butlers and drivers. I had my first encounter with sex at a very young age. Maybe eight or nine. I used to go to the garage of our house and kiss and neck with a thirteen-year-old boy of the neighborhood. It was not a child-abuse case whatsoever since I enjoyed every moment and second of it. I especially liked it when he kissed and licked my shoulders and neck with small movements of his tongue. I fucked that guy, Mehdi a few years later but in those days we just kissed and caressed and licked each other. I lost my virginity at the age of 14. Before that I had undressed and performed fellatio for more that 5 guys whose ages varied form 16 to 45. I never felt ashamed of the things I did and when I think about it now in retrospect, it was my right to enjoy every moment of my life with whoever I wanted. The thing that most excited me about a cock was not its length, width or texture but the pubic hair and the virile sensation of it. Seeing a man with a black triangle of hair surrounding his cock was the most interesting scene in my life. And the fact that I do not hate their cum. For me it is not something abhorring. I have tasted and virtually eaten cum off many cocks in my life and each time I loved it more than the previous time. I remember sucking  Mr. Samad Zade, a guy who lived near our house for so many nights when my parents were busy or had guests. He was 45 years old and had a delicious white meat and his dark triangle was so inviting that attracted me time after time. Each time he came in my mouth he begged for my return.

And  at 14 when I was staying with my family in Darya Kenar, in the north of Iran I saw a guy called Maziar whose parents' holiday home  happened to be in the same street as ours. We met many times and kissed in the dark and one night I sucked him by the seaside behind a cypress tree on the corner of 24th street (people who are familiar with Darya Kenar know the place quite well.) Then the cock-sucking sessions went on for another consecutive week until I asked him to fuck me. Yes, It was me who proposed it to him, so he came to my room late at night and I opened the sliding French door and let him in. We did it that night and it was a little painful for me and disappointing as well. I had so much pleasure with foreplays in the past and that experience did not satisfy me at all. In the morning I saw the blood on the sheets and understood that I have lost my god damned virginity. I didn't  get depressed but didn't like the idea of being fucked either, so I just ignored Maziar and did not reply to his advances from then on.

I fucked three  more guys in Tehran before going to Shiraz for my University at the age of 18. One of them was a bearded guy called Jalal and we did it once in an apartment facing the Amir mosque in Amirabad street.  We got undressed and kissed and licked each other for two straight hours and he fucked me at least 4 times. Then I fucked Mehdi in four different occasion.  It was during this time that I realized how much I hated condoms. In my opinion no sex act is complete without the they guy's cum dripping off  my pussy. I wanted my men to push their flesh and blood inside me not a piece of rubber shaft and I certainly wanted their seeds inside me and on my body too. To feel its wetness and odor on the bed sheet during the night.This time I felt good and liked it but my experience with Kumars was the actual time I fell in love with men and their fucking.

Kumars was the son of my dad's cousin. He was originally from Kermanshah and he sometimes paid us a visit when coming to Tehran. A well-built guy with piercing black eyes that made me feel so horny. I smelled his virile aroma of sweat and cheap cologne and had full glimpses at the bushy black hair jutting out of his white shirt color.   The moment I saw him  with that  big bulge on his pants that evening I decided  to fuck him. All through dinner we exchanged glances and I imagined him out of his clothes. I regretted all those nights he had paid us a visit without being noticed or discovered by me. After the dinner my mom was washing the dishes and dad went to the other room to call someone. Kumars went to the bathroom for Vozoo (or ablutions) before his prayer. When he got out of the bathroom I saw his perfect feet for the first time and it made me so horny. I wanted to kiss and lick his lovely  toes.

I went to my room with these thoughts and did not come downstairs until the midnight. Kumars was sleeping in the hall a few feet away from my parent's bedroom. I tiptoed to his side and he sat down as if waiting for me . We kissed for a long time as though having and untold agreement to meet at such a time. He played with my tits and took them in his mouth and then I asked him to come to my room. We went inside and the first thing I did was to drop to my knees and kiss his feet. I don't know why but I loved it. Since then I love to kiss men's feet.  We undressed and I took him in my mouth and licked its length. I smelled the dark triangle and kissed it lovingly. The sweaty smell under his balls was so exciting.  Then he fell on me and did it to me. I virtually ordered  him to go inside and he accepted obediently. I had never seen anybody as strong as that guy. His stamina was unbelievable. He came inside me over and over again and washed my insides with his warm liquid repeatedly. After two hours he went back to his bed but half an hour later I went downstairs again for another round of cock sucking and toe licking. It was a life-changing experience for me. The memory that turned me into a woman. I never saw Kumars again but heard stories about his marriage and divorce later on.

Then I was accepted at the university of Shiraz and my parents took me there and rented a place for me and put a good amount of money in my bank account.  I fucked only two guys in Shiraz since I didn't want to be known as a bitch in the university. One of them was Reza Torke a broad-shouldered student of agriculture from Ardebil with a heavy Azerbaijani accent and light brown curly beard. Oddly enough his triangle had the same texture as his beard. After the third or fourth meeting I went to his place and we did it. He really taught me how to suck a man and take his full length completely in my mouth. His cum was a little sweet and I loved the feel of it on my mouth and tongue. Sometimes he would lay me on my side and enter my cunt  from behind, licking and sucking on my left breast while pumping away. I used to tell him he had to pay for plastic surgery if my left breast got deformed and went out of shape.

One morning when I got home, my landlord Mr. Khodayee was waiting for me on the staircase.  He was a short, skinny, ugly, bald guy of 50 and I hated his guts. His wife worked on their garden in Akbar Abad and rarely came to town. He asked me where I was and threatened to tell my parents. After half an hour of argument he made it understood that he wanted me too. I had nothing to lose so I went into my flat and  disappeared into the toilet. I washed and wiped my cunt off the remnants of the previous night's love-making with Reza Torke. When I got out of the bathroom he was in his shorts, shivering nervously. I took off my clothes leaving my panties. He came closer and touched and cupped my lovely breasts. Then we went to bed and took off our shorts. His cock was skinny and small too but fully erect and ready. He fell on me and rubbed his cock on my clitoris and between my legs. Then I realized he still thought that I was still a virgin and had no intention of entering my cunt. But his rubbing was so stimulating that I had to tell him the truth and ask him to go inside. He slid his ugly cock inside me and after a few short pumping he came, leaving me in a lurch, a trickle of his sloppy cum flowing down my pussy. He got off me and started to put on his clothes. I followed him naked around the room and asked for another round which he refused. I was so ashamed of myself for begging this shitty jerk to fuck me.

Then we had an arrangement between us. I went to see Reza Torke a couple of times a and fucked Mr. Khodayee once or twice a week in the morning. Once I got back from Reza Torke's place early in the morning to get ready for the university and I found Mr. Khodayee lying naked on my bed beating his ugly meat, brandishing it like a national flag. He never bothered with rubbers and condoms and each time came inside me which was exciting for me.

It was during this time when I fell in love with my English teacher Mr. Sadri but I never dared to tell him or let anybody know it. I remember during a class session with Mr. Sadri, his movements and lovely face and body made me so horny that I had to skip the next class and go home. I found Mr. Khodayee in the back yard, took him to the basement, knelt in front of him and sucked his ugly cock. Then I took his hand and led him, with flies still open and his ugly cock jutting out, to his own place on the first floor and fell on his dirty mattress. His bed sheet and pillow smelled of stale odor of unwashed socks and it made me even more excited. I opened my legs and he put his skinny cock inside me. Every time he was getting better and better and he did not come quickly this time. I did not let him go all afternoon and followed him around the house kissing his dirty flesh to excite him more and more.

In the summer that followed I got to know Kamran, a thirty-odd year old guy who worked in a jewelry. He took me to a villa in Mehr Shahr Karaj and fucked me and let me suck his lovely cock for hours. I remember another incident the next year, while I was still a university student in Shiraz and spending the summer holiday in Tehran. Homa a friend of mine took me to a flat in Zartosht street where two guys from Abadan were waiting for us. The guys were mustachioed and very handsome body builders. They fucked us separately in different rooms at first, then exchanged us between themselves. Homa and I was getting ready to leave when both of them entered the room with their long fleshy tails hanging from between their bushes and fucked us again. I found it quite enticing when you are fucking a guy and another couple are moaning and moving in pleasure next to you. We sucked them for forty five minutes after that. We understood they worked in a real estate agency and had a whole lot of empty places for their fun.

 I fucked Reza Torke and Mr. Khodayee for four years in Shiraz until my graduation. I never heard of Mr. Khodayee any more but Reza got married in his home town and had a few children. Having my birth control pills irregularly and regarding my opposition to condom, I was so lucky I did not get pregnant by this strong guy. But thinking about it makes me a little horny. Getting pregnant by Reza Torke, or Mr. Khodayee or one of the strangers I used to fuck. This feeling of vulnerability is so nice sometimes.

After my graduation I went back to Tehran, missing Reza Torke and Khodayee, I masturbated almost every night, thinking about both of them. I befriended Morteza, a loser with a lovely tool and wonderful triangle. He could really play his instrument perfectly but he always asked for money. One day it was his rent and next time it was an old debt. One day after an hour of hot love-making he told me he owed a favor to a guy in the municipality (Zamin Shahri) and asked me to fuck him. I accepted immediately since I was looking for sex anyway. I went to his place and found two guys instead of one. They fucked me separately at first then we rested and had a beautifulménage à trois. The filled my holes simultaneously and let me suck them and play with their bush and balls. It was the first time I experienced double penetration, having a cock in my pussy and another in my ass. Morteza called me in the morning and thanked me profusely. I dumped Morteza after he got more greedy and asked for more and more money.

Then I  got out of the country and resided in the UK. I enrolled in a university for my Masters degree, but I don’t want to reveal the details. Living in Britain as a free girl with no limitation and hindrance was a novel experience too. I fucked so many guys in those years that I have really lost track of them. I was picked up in discos and parties and ended up panting beneath complete strangers. I fucked and sucked guys in train, toilets, tennis court, pool sides, ... . I tried threesome and foursome of all possible variations. MMMF, FFMM, MFFF, MMF FFM, ... . In one occasion I went to an orgy and sucked cocks and toes and got fucked in all possible holes all night through. People who did not have any faces and will never be recognized by me if met somewhere else. I tasted tons of cum and never felt sorry for it. Many of them shaved themselves and deprived me of their tell-tale triangles so I never wasted my time over them anymore.

I stayed with Nick, a handsome boy from Black Pool  with shoulder-length black hair for almost a year. After that came Peter with that lovely short but strong cock who fucked me for a few months, no triangle because he shaved. Chet, a happily married businessman of 45 with a blonde triangle and three kids employed me as a market researcher and fucked me in his office a couple of times a week. The only Iranian I fucked in those days was Mohsen, a fat hairy member of Mojahedin Khalgh who forgot about his revolutionary bragging in bed and loved to see me swallow every drop of his cum off his beefy cock. His bush was more like a square than a triangle and it was so long he could easily comb it.

Jess was the only black guy whom I ever slept with. He proved the old expression of "once a black, never back" to be completely correct. This guy could fuck at least 20 times during the night and after each orgasm pushed my head down to his crotch for an oral service. Black guys are so oral. Jess used to lick all my body with his big, lusty lips.

Samii was a Palestinian business man who took me to his mansion in Hamstead a couple of times and showed me his glorious black triangle and the real taste of Arabia. He bought me a diamond bracelet which I returned. I left him when I felt he was falling in love with me. One thing about Samii was quite spectacular and it was his masterful use of his tongue. He always had his long tongue inside my mouth while fucking me. I had the feeling that he was raping my pussy and my mouth all at once. 

The only time that my sex life turned violent happened when I was picked up by a sturdy Pakistani in a party. He took me to his place and once inside got violent. Then I screamed and he slapped me. He took me to bed and pushed me face down on the mattress, pulling down my panties. Then his full erection went deep inside me and my cunt felt like blowing apart. For the first few moments it was so painful but soon I began to like it.  I pretended to be struggling but I was really enjoying it. It took him half an hour of pumping away before he exploded inside me. Then he dropped his big body on mine, panting and sighing for almost five minutes. He got off me and told me "Now get out of here bitch" and took his big brown hairy ass to the toilet. I put on my panties and went out of the house. I took a cab home and went straight to bed. I did not wash myself because I wanted to have his cum in my panties until morning. His cum had a pleasant pervading smell and this made me realize why some people take so much pleasure form violent sex.

And I met my current partner Wojceich with whom I have been living for the past five years. He is a red haired guy from Poland with very white skin and almost feminine gestures. We met at a party and went to bed right after that. I loved every moment of being with him. His cock was so long, slender and well-shaped and he never lost his erection. In fact he had erections all day long and had to wear long sweaters to hide it in his jeans. His triangle was deep red so I called it Fire Island. He asked me to stop shaving my cunt too and he started loving my triangle as well. I told him about Mehdi, Mr. Samadzade,  Jalal, Kumars, Kamran, Reza Torke, Khodayee Nick, Peter, Chet, Jess,  ........ . I gave full details of all my fucking sessions in the UK and all the orgies and those faceless guys I fucked and sucked and all the toes I licked and all the cum I tasted. He listened carefully and then started to tell me about numerous affairs he had since the age of 15 both at home and abroad.

Then we fell in love. I happened so suddenly and we decided to move in together. We stopped being with others and started a whole new relationship. He perfectly satisfied me and I did the same to him. There was not a single thing about him that bothered me. We talked for hours about everything. We got back from work and spent the whole time together. We never took showers alone. Can you believe it? He even asked me to see other guys if I needed to. Sometimes he had to go to Bristol for a few days and he asked me to find a companion for the time and I always refused to do that. I always thought that I would never do that. I don't want to call it betrayal since we are not legally married but even thinking about it left a bitter taste in my mouth at that time. We had a wonderful time together and we had our Tuesday nights.  On Tuesday nights he was supposed to lie down on his back and let me do anything I wanted. I would kiss and lick every inch of his body from head to toe for hours. I will go between his legs and make small movements with the tip of my tongue on his lovely balls making my way though the fiery hair on it until he cried out with pleasure. Each time he was close to coming I would stop and kiss his toes and feet and armpit.

This relationship of love and happiness continued until last July when I had to come to Iran. My dad had a heart attack and I got on the first plane and went home. It was a very hard time for me having a so many problems with my family and others,  being away form Wojceich and our time together. We had legal problems with a few of our tenants. I met them in the court for the first time. One of the tenants was a handsome man of late thirties who treated me so harshly. He rose a feeling in me and had we met under different circumstances I would have gladly opened my legs for him. I missed the whole thing about my polish boy  and of course our Tuesday nights together. I had never thought of having sex with another man again after Wojceich but .... .

After the third week I started noticing guys but always ignored them. I was dying for a big cock, a dark triangle and shapely feet and I was deceiving myself. Maybe I was afraid. I had always reserved my facade of an educated and sophisticated lady but deep inside I was a real bitch. I wanted to ring the bell of Mr Samadzadeh's house and get in but getting more mature has put an end to all those careless encounters and I did not want to bring a loss of face for my family. But fate brought Mr. Nazari to my path.

He is 68 years old, 33 years older than me. A hairy, chubby guy with a tough face and big belly. He has a supermarket near our house in Tehran and is a friend of my dad. I met him when he came to pay my dad a visit, then he did a favor for me in the passport office and for a few times we went to the interior ministry together. Then we had lunch and at last we fucked. It happened so quickly, he took me to his place and we kissed for a long time. Then in silence we both undressed and then I fell on bed. His cock was huge and fully erect, looming over me. I saw a gray triangle of fizzy hair for the first time and I loved it.  I opened my legs and a minute later he was on top of me and inside me pushing and shoving. And I loved it. We kissed and I loved the caress of his furry chest over my tits and then he spurted huge amount of sperm deep inside my cunt.  Then I followed him to the bathroom and kissed his feet and sucked his cock and we were together for hours. We saw each other for many times and I forgot about Wojceich for a while. In our nightly conversations, Wojceich asked me to find a guy and I always refused. Feeling guilty for the whole thing I even did our rituals of Tuesday night with Mr. Nazari lingering the small movement of my tongue on his huge balls for hours. Each time he came he would sit astride my chest holding my head with both hands shoving his cock back and forth deep down my throat saying AAAH AAAH AAAH

He could do it to me many times in every possible position. From rear, having me on all four, or striding me having my feet over his shoulders. He takes his cock out of my cunt many times during our fuck, thrusting its full length inside me all over again leaving a lovely sensation in me, begging for more and more. Each time he is fucking me there is a small sound of his moaning coming down form his throat. He has come on my belly, tits, face, in my mouth and one time after our fucking he took me to the bathroom and pissed all over me. And I loved it. Once after two straight hours of  fucking we got dressed to leave when he got horny again and pushed up my skirt dropped his huge weight on me and fucked me on the floor, spilling his cum on my clothes. Once when I rang the bell to his apartment he opened the door stark naked and fucked me right there, standing up, against the wall, tearing buttons of my coat apart. Another time he took me to a place in Lavasan and took me to the pool naked and fucked me from behind inside the water.  A position he liked most was lying on his back and having me up and down his huge cock. He fucked my ass and it was a really painful experience. Although I had done that before, I could not sit for two days. Once he suggested we invite a couple to fuck in front of us but I refused. Another time  he collected his cum in a bowl and showed me the great amount of it then asked me to rub it on my face claiming it had therapeutic effects for the skin. He brought a digital camera to bed and took close-ups of my cunt before and after sex with his cum flowing from my clit.  I took many shots of his lovely, chubby and hairy body with his cock in repose and attention. Both his previous wives could not stand his sexual assaults and endless demands and left him.

I spent a whole night with Nazari. I told my parents I was going to the birthday party of an old friend and would stay the night. They never suspected their lovely little lady of a daughter would spend the night with their family friend and sympathizer Mr.Nazari. I was beneath him all night through, enjoying his pneumatic machine digging my tunnel endlessly. When I woke up in the morning there was a little blood between my legs and a whole lot of dried cum on my thighs and bush as well as belly and tits and even on my neck.

Nazari was not the only guy I recently fucked in Tehran. My friend Farah called me on afternoon and asked me for an urgent meeting. I saw her in a cafeteria and she told me about her former boy friend who is dying to fuck a classy and beautiful woman. She did not want to have any relationship with him anymore. She said that she was ashamed of her kid and she felt guilty each time she did it. I accepted to sleep with this total stranger with hesitation. She made the final arrangement on her cell phone and told me "Let's go." "What ? Right now ?" I was really shocked. But after a few moments I thought to myself "Why not?" and it was not something I had not done before in my life. I mean I used to sleep with total strangers in London, so why not in Tehran? She took me to his place and waited until I rang the bell and the door opened and then she drove off. Iraj was a nice man of late 40s, clean and well-dressed who took my hand and kissed it. We sat down and talked for a while and he brought me a red drink which smelled of piss but he called it home-made wine. Then he sat beside me and put his hand between my legs and kissed me. I was more than ready so I replied to his kissing and we went to bedroom and got undressed. His eyes were transfixed on my shapely breasts and bush and I was devouring his well-shaped body. Unfortunately he did not have any triangle and all around his cock were filled with short black stubble, so I took the opportunity and tasted  his cock and balls . Then he started to wear a condom and I begged him to stop. A minute later he was deep in my body rocking back and forth. He gave me a ride to Vanak Square afterwards all the time asking for another date. He treated me respectfully and while I was getting off his car my panties still felt wet with his cum.

I was looking at my illustrious cunt the other day, thinking to myself, how come after all these years of sexual encounters it is still so tight and fresh. I have had hundreds of cocks from all sizes in my pussy and it still looks like a small rosebud blooming from between that black bush. I think its texture should be studied by beauticians around the world. Even steel cylinders will be worn off after a few years of having pistons moving in and out of them but my tube gets back to its normal condition again.

I was chatting with my polish boy the other night when I suddenly asked him if he is seeing anybody and he quickly told me about a single mom he is fucking these days. Then I told him about Nazari and sent him full details in an email. We came to terms with our new conditions quite reasonably and continued our telephone calls and email contacts. We both insist that we want to stay together when I get back to London. In the meantime I would like to enjoy my time with this lovely furry bear and his giant instrument. Who knows maybe I will see Iraj too for another passionate afternoon. Or try to approach our handsome tenant and discover his triangle for myself. As far as I know this city is a cornucopia  of lovely cocks and magnificent triangles. They just need to be discovered by us.


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